Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Vicodin is one of the most popular painkillers in our country. While it is effective for its medical purposes, it is also one of the most popularly abused prescription drugs. The Lakehouse Recovery Center approaches Vicodin addiction treatment with a multi-faceted program.

This clinical approach gives proper attention to both medical and therapeutic needs in a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Understanding Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Vicodin is a combination of acetaminophen (commonly known as Tylenol) and hydrocodone, which is a synthetic form of codeine. It’s a narcotic that is prescribed by doctors to manage pain, such as arthritis, after surgery, accidents, dental procedures, and even sports injuries.

Vicodin is extremely effective when used properly. Unfortunately, consuming it in higher doses or more frequently than prescribed can easily lead to addiction to Vicodin or other painkillers.

Although steps have been taken to monitor the usage of this drug between doctors, pharmacies, and individuals, it can be readily available on the streets, meaning there is usually a way to gain access to it.

It is not always easy to first notice your addiction to Vicodin. One of the first signs, however, is the inability to stop using it.

Vicodin addiction affects your physiological, behavioral, and cognitive ability – allowing you to view the drug as necessary for you to function. It controls an individual through an incessant need to obtain and use the drug. In other words: dependence.

When you truly believe you need prescription drugs to treat the condition doctors prescribed it for, seeing that there is an addiction is difficult.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, you may need to seek Vicodin addiction treatment:

  • Do you run out of pills before your prescription can be refilled?
  • Have you bought Vicodin on the street?
  • Does your doctor refuse to write a new prescription for it?
  • Do you experience muscle pain, night sweats, insomnia, and so forth without the use of Vicodin?

Our Approach to Vicodin Addiction Treatment

The Lakehouse Recovery Center’s approach to addiction treatment focuses on recovery from different perspectives.

For many years, those suffering from addiction to Vicodin have had very few alternatives for meaningful treatment.

There were also virtually no options for treatment that would not require hospitalization or some other departure from one’s regular life, but now there is with the Lakehouse.

An assessment of your individual needs may present you with a program designed to treat your Vicodin addiction and leave you with tools for continued health and wellness.

1. Medical treatment:

If your Vicodin use comes from an underlying medical condition, you will need to discover an alternate treatment. Under the care of our medical staff, you will begin to heal physically from your addiction.

2. Psychological treatment:

Psychological treatment can help you learn how to manage stress, bad habits, life changes, and so much more by using effective coping skills.

3. Addiction treatment:

It is important to learn the ways that we become addicted and how to distance ourselves from it. By participating in an appropriate Vicodin addiction treatment program here at The Lakehouse Recovery Center, you will learn the tools you need for a successful recovery.

4. Continued wellness:

Taking care of your body as a whole – mind, body, and spirit – can help you feel stronger and empowered. Together, we will teach you how to discover and maintain this wellness for your sober future.

Ready for Change?

If you are ready to change your life and finally find personalized Vicodin treatment, contact us today!


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