Treatment Center Thousand Oaks

Treatment Center Thousand Oaks

Can people give up drugs on their own? A lot of people believe they can, and that is false. Drug addiction is a mental disease first and foremost, which means that the patient needs just as much professional attention as he would if he were suffering from any other debilitating condition. Lakehouse Recovery Center is one of the top institutions that deal with this condition and where the rehabilitation treatments have been built to deal with all aspects of the disease.

Every treatment center in Thousand Oaks has specific stages to be followed, depending on the patient’s condition, age, the severity of the symptoms and so on. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered when putting together a rehab program because addiction has multiple mechanisms that need to be broken down one by one.

People who tend to believe that the addictive behavior is more of a myth and that they will be able to control themselves at all times are at higher risk of falling into the opioid trap. Narcotics can be extremely deceitful, as they rely on several mechanisms to take control over your mind in such a manner that you will no longer recognize yourself after a while. The most important ones include:

  1. Triggering the addictive behavior

The individual can reach this after several doses, after multiple doses, taken over an extended period, or even after the first dose in some cases. In our treatment center in Thousand Oaks, we’ve dealt with people who have become addicts after one dose of crack cocaine; the first they’ve ever tried. The addictive behavior is triggered by the brain, which finds a correlation between drug consumption and the production of dopamine. From that point on, the patient will have no saying into the matter; he will become the prisoner of his faulty nature.

  1. The withdrawal

Drug withdrawal is a mechanism used by the brain to make sure it will keep getting its regular dose of narcotic effects. The symptoms may include vomiting, headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, paranoia and aggression, intense cravings, the cold turkey syndrome and even seizures. The only way to stop the manifestations is to take another dose, but that will only bring you one step closer to death.

  1. The tendency to relapse

Over 85% of those who complete a rehab program will relapse in less than 12 months after, according to the most recent statistics. A good portion of the remaining 15% will relapse after the 12 months, with only a few of them being able to remain sober for the rest of their lives. This goes to show how difficult drug rehabilitation is, once addiction has grabbed hold of you.

A proficient treatment center in Thousand Oaks will use a wide variety of programs and techniques in treating addiction because there is no single verified method of dealing with it for good. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we focus on quality and professionalism, as we believe patients deserve the right to a healthier, happier lifestyle and we are among the few able to help them get there.

Treatment Center Thousand Oaks
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