Treatment Center California

Treatment Center California

The majority of the younger, inexperienced people believe that the rehabilitation programs aren’t a necessity. They think that addiction is a matter of choice and will and, so long as the addict shows a strong determination, there shouldn’t be any reason why he wouldn’t be able to break free on his own. As we, at Lakehouse Recovery Center know, that’s a false belief.

 A treatment center in California comes with extensive and clinically researched rehabilitation programs that cover a multitude of aspects related to drug abuse. Individuals can’t cease drug consumption, because their brain chemistry has changed, rendering them helpless in the face of their altered biology.

Narcotics attack the brain and the nervous system at an intimate level, taking control of the opioid receptors and causing the system to produce massive amounts of dopamine. This substance will instill feelings of euphoria, physical and mental relaxation, pain numbing, sensory hallucinations, and slower muscular activity, among other symptoms. The effects can differ from one person or another.

Because of these pleasurable effects, the brain will associate the release of dopamine with the consumption of narcotics, causing us to seek to replicate the experience actively. Cravings will start to occur, along with withdrawal symptoms, which can grow to be extremely severe when addiction has taken over the patient’s organism completely. From that point on, the patient will no longer be in command of his thoughts, just as he will be unable to stop the drug consumption.

How deep the rabbit hole goes?

As every treatment center in California has been able to note, drugs affect us in more than one way. Here we mention:

  1. Psychological and neurological damages

The addict will experience significant behavioral changes as the addictive behavior unfolds, causing problems like anxiety, depression, memory loss, aggressive tendencies, sudden and drastic mood swings, bipolar disorder and even schizophrenia in the more advanced cases.

  1. Severe social consequences

As the drug use disorder advances to more severe stages, the individual will find himself unable to function properly in the society. The family relationships will begin to degrade; loved ones will start to lose trust, as the financial problems will start crowding by the day. Most people will lose their jobs, their assets, and their house when the situation gets out of hand completely.

  1. Legal problems

Due to the extensive financial holes, and in combination with impaired thinking process, the addict may resort to illegal behaviors, leading to fines and even jail sentences, further destroying an already broken life.

How deep the rabbit hole goes? It goes deep. Too deep for the addict to be able to climb back to the surface on his own. There is no better solution for someone who has fallen victim to drug addiction than the high-end services of a top treatment center in California.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center has developed a wide range of programs which are being regularly improved to cover all aspects related to drug abuse and make sure the rehabilitation process is a success with each. We only have one life, and it would be a waste to ruin it for the deceptive pleasure of a dose of narcotics.

Treatment Center California
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