Stuart Birnbaum
Founder & CEO
  • Winner of the prestigious Writer’s Guild of America Award and Emmy Nomination

Stuart Birnbaum has been in recovery for 32 years and is founder and Executive Director of the Lakehouse Recovery Center.

Stuart's career was launched as a comedy writer; penning for Lily Tomlin, Chevy Chase, Redd Foxx, Christopher Guest and Tim Conway and is the recipient of the Writers Guild Award and an Emmy nomination.


Dr. Gayle Randall
Medical Director
  • Licensed Internist

Dr. Randall has over 20 years’ experience in medical drug and alcohol detoxification.


Jenna Foster
Administrative Director

Jenna's passion has always been to help others accomplish their personal best and be free of the baggage of their past.

From her first job as a swim teacher at age 15 to giving back to the community of those struggling to overcome addiction, Jenna's passion has always been to help others accomplish their personal best and be free of the baggage of their past. Jenna has worked in the field of recovery specifically for 5 years. Alcohol and Drug addiction has been a part of her story since she was a young girl. Growing up in a home where alcoholism and drug addiction was present allows her to fully connect with both sides of our clients from the client themselves to the families. She has the ability to gently assist clients in laying a foundation for their future. Jenna works closely with all of our employees to gain a team-like atmosphere in order for us to meet each client where they are at in order for them to succeed on their personal path to recovery.


Laura Berman
Program Director, Therapist, Group Facilitator

Laura is the Program Director, Therapist, and Group Facilitator in Lakehouse Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient program.

Laura holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University, and is also a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor. She has worked in the field of addiction in a number of modalities for over 9 years. Laura expertise lies in working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Laura’s vocational experience includes working as Program Aide for Visions Adolescent Treatment Center mentoring adolescents recovering from addiction, at New York Center for Living as the Intake Coordinator and Individual Therapist, and Hazelden Betty Ford’s New York City Intensive Outpatient. Laura’s training at Hazelden Betty Ford’s New York City Intensive Outpatient facility facilitated experience working with dual-diagnosis adults and young adults, personality disorders, family systems, and trauma-related issues. Laura utilizes several modalities (DBT and Mindfulness, CBT, attachment, MI, and ACT) in order to create a more tailored therapeutic setting for her client’s. Laura works collaboratively with her clients to create a safe environment where client can move towards alleviating symptoms, change in behavioral patterns and negative thinking, transform family-of-origin dynamics, and improving interpersonal relationships. She helps clients develop insight, identify their values, and gain tools to better manage their substance abuse and mental health symptoms.


Rachel Rainne, LMFT
Clinical Director

Rainne has been working in the psychology field providing counseling, life coaching, and therapy since 2003.

Rainne did her undergraduate studies in Colorado at Regis University and double majored in sociology and criminal justice with a bachelor of arts.

Rainne received her M.A. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in depth and her other M.A. in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics. Rainne utilizes a variety of methodologies including dream work, union methodologies, art therapy movement work, imaginal, archetypal, and ecotherapy. She has experience with and specializes in addiction, trauma, adoption, and soul loss. Rainne works on helping others heal from enduring traumas, address relationship issues including a connection to self/other/environment/soul, Attachment issues especially adoption, substances, discover one’s life purpose, and establish a way of being in the world. Rainne helps people to discover themselves by working with one Strank‘s and identifying one’s character defects – Rainne inspires curiosity about oneself and to gain clarity about what one wants out of life and from their relationships. Rainn works through soul to help others to trust, love, and except themselves. Working from an intuitive approach, Rainne connects deeply with clients and helps one learn to be free from suffering in their journey. Rainne helps our clients with been seen by assisting in the healing of their wounds and fighting their addictions. Clients can learn how to operate from a place free of suffering, shame, and bondage.


Billy Stewart
Case Manager

Billy has been working in the field of addiction counseling for 8 years. He has experience in a variety of specialties including Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Youth Offenders and Residential treatment.

Billy was inspired to pursue the field of Substance Abuse Counseling after spending his early years in the music business as a musician in Hollywood, CA during the 80s and early 90s. Billy shared his thoughts about his reason for taking a different path and states, “After surviving the destructive lifestyle and losing some close friends to overdose and suicide, I began to look at life differently”.
Billy is a husband and father to a son he and his wife fostered and later adopted 6 years ago. When he isn’t working on home improvement projects, he enjoys playing sports with his son, outdoor grilling and playing his guitars.


Megan Gaudet
Residential Technician

Megan has worked in Recovery for 2 years. As a Clinical Nursing Assistant, she is incredibly passionate about the physical and mental health along with the overall well being of others. Read More...

She attends school to expand her knowledge in the field and is obtaining her Bachelors degree in nursing.

Megan is boundlessly devoted to caring for others. When not at work she spends the weekends outside with her golden retriever, Ollie.

Curtis Cripe, PhD
Neuroscience Engineer
  • BS Aerospace Engineering
  • Masters in Engineering
  • PhD Psychology
  • PhD Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine

Creator of cutting-edge Neuro-imaging technologies (Brain Mapping) and remedial Neuro therapy, recently invited by NASA to be used on the Mars Space Mission scheduled for the year 2030. For over 20 years Cripe has applied his Neuro Science work to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Dr. Nancy Bailey
  • PhD
  • CCDP
  • CET11

Dr. Bailey trained with Pia Mellody at The Meadows where she was Clinical Director for 10 years.

With over 20 years of behavioral health treatment experience, Dr. Bailey specializes in trauma-informed therapies and equine-assisted activities treating substance abuse disorders. PhD in Counseling Studies, Capella University-Magna Cum Laude

Licensed Advanced Addictions Counselor, Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional, Neurofeedback Practitioner, EMDR Certified


Joseph Sparks, MSWI
Case Manager

Joseph Spark has worked in the recovery field for 4 years. Joseph struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction for 7 years. Read More...

Joseph attempted to attend several treatment centers early in his addiction but it was not until 5 years ago when he was ready to surrender and ask for help that he got the help he needed. Because of his own experience he made a choice to return to school at the University Of Denver to obtain his Masters in Social Work to help individuals and their families recover.
Dani Jacoby
Group Facilitator

Dani comes to this work with nearly 10 years of experience leading and facilitating groups of adults and adolescents, specializing in areas of trauma, women’s issues, anxiety, addiction, and eating disorders in both outpatient and residential settings. Read More...

She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Women’s Studies from California Lutheran University and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Santa Barbara, where she is working towards her licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist. Additionally, Dani is certified as a Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor - allowing her to be uniquely immersed in both the traditional mental health field, while also understanding the deep connection between the mind and body.

Dani believes that while we are incredibly resilient as human beings, she also recognizes that distressing or traumatic experiences often play out through emotional, psychological, or physical turmoil - leading us to have a sense of dysregulation and internal unrest. Therefore, by bridging the connection between the mind and body, Dani’s work involves helping individuals establish a sense of connection, integration and grounding within through traditional counseling and also evidence-based holistic practices such as mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.