Stonesgate Gardens Sober Living for Women

Stonesgate Gardens is a female sober living home nestled in beautiful Westlake Village next to the Thousand Oaks area. This is a structured environment for those who are looking for support in creating a better life. Our boundaried and loving environment is pet friendly with plenty of different spaces for our community to connect and socialize or have some quiet time to themselves. We have a beautiful open kitchen space, fun dining area, warm family room, huge backyard with plenty of comfortable seating and spacious bedrooms. We have a 3 car garage with work-out equipment and a pool table for fun. We also have laundry on site and a laundry schedule for each individual lady staying with us. We believe in supporting our residents in finding peace of mind and enjoyment in their lives.


  • Quiet beautiful neighborhood
  • Pool
  • Pet Friendly
  • Transportation
  • 24 hour support
  • Fun weekly activities
  • Family Days
  • Community Building
  • UA Testing
  • Laundry
  • Structure and Accountability
  • Healthy Food
  • Cable and Internet
  • Shopping centers within walking distance


  • Morning Meditation (Process Group)
  • Breakfast
  • Workouts
  • Daily Chores
  • Morning 12 Step Meeting (if not in IOP)
  • Step work
  • Service work
  • Community Dinner Prep
  • Evening meetings
  • Wind down time

This structure is to help build esteem and mimic real life with a little more down time than those with a job while acclimating into sobriety. Although, for those who at our sober living, they are welcome to work, go to an out-patient program or be in school in which case, some of the mid-day structure would be done in their life, not in house of course.

*Every member of the house has a daily chore that rotates weekly. If the member is working or in an outpatient program they may do their chores the evening before instead of in the morning.

*Every member of the house needs to attend a minimum of one 12 step meeting daily, have a sponsor and be actively working the 12 steps. If the member is not working, in IOP or in school they are required to attend two 12 step meetings daily.

*All members are required to attend the weekly house meeting even if they are working, in school or an outpatient program.

*We have laundry on site and a laundry schedule for each individual lady.