Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment Information DownloadsBelow is a list of documents and images that Recovery Advocates provides to the family members and the client.  These are all information pieces to better acquaint each person with the overall recovery process from their own personal perspective.  We subscribe to the belief that Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is a family affair, effecting not only the addicted, but everyone in their life. Below are some information and support links that loved ones have found helpful in navigating these tricky waters!  We very much encourage you to click on the items below and familiarize yourself and your loved ones with the elements surrounding substance abuse & chemical dependency, as well as the overall treatment process…

The Cycle of Codependency & Anger Chart 

What is Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Ventura County Alanon and Alateen

Quiz – Are You an Enabler?

Co-dependant Questionaire

Suggested Readings

Important Links


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