Rehab Thousand Oaks

Rehab Thousand Oaks

Drug addiction is one of the most deceiving diseases we know. Because it is a disease, regardless of what most people believe. And it is deceiving primarily because younger people, in particular, fail to take it seriously. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we aim to show people what lies behind the appearances.

Every drug rehab in Thousand Oaks deals with patients who have been oblivious to the dangers posed by drug addiction. Addiction is a process that takes off slow, but by the time the symptoms become apparent, it has already reached the point where you might require professional assistance.

This is why it is essential to take action and control the outcome before it is too late. In absolutely all cases, that means never take drugs to start with. But that would be pointless advice, seeing as it had little effect so far and seeing as there are more than 7 million drug addicts in the US alone, making for over 65,000 deaths per year due to overdosing. The “Don’t do drugs!” mantra is not enough. In which case, the best thing to do is to help people realize what drugs can do and help them identify the crucial stages of the addiction.

Addiction – A growing disease

There are mainly four stages attributed to drug addiction, each with its characteristics and level of danger. Depending on where you stand, you might find yourself in need of an urgent drug rehab in Thousand Oaks before you know it. That being said, we have:

  1. The experiment

Many people will usually start using drugs as a personal experiment, especially during teenage years, when everything that seems taboo will inevitably peak our interest. This first stage is as dangerous as it can get because people can become addicted to the first dose, especially when consuming crack cocaine or other similarly powerful narcotics.

  1. Repetitive behavior

Although the individual will replicate the drug consumption behavior regularly, the addictive behavior has not been triggered yet. At this stage, it is possible to stop using the substance by sheer willpower. And it is here where the first symptoms of behavioral changes will begin to occur, involving irritability, unexplained aggression at times, or apathy, anxiety or a tendency towards depression.

  1. Drug abuse

Stage 2 will often evolve into the 3rd stage entirely under the radar because the separating line is extremely thin and volatile. Here the patient will begin to manifest signs of advanced drug use like cravings, advanced depression and an obsession with using the drug, regardless of the apparent negative consequences.

  1. The addictive behavior

It is the final stage, where the addict can no longer contain his urges and will engage in the addictive behavior full-on, soon to risk overdosing, as well as a wide range of physical and psychological health problems.

The good news is that the programs of drug rehab in Thousand Oaks, offered by Lakehouse Recovery Center, have been developed to accommodate everyone, regardless of the stage they’re in. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll be able to recover and change your life for good.

Rehab Thousand Oaks
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