Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment in Westlake Village - Lakehouse RecoveryIn America today, there is an epidemic of prescription drug abuse, and OxyContin abuse in particular. OxyContin, referred to on the street as “Oxy”, “O.C” and “killer”, provides long-lasting benefits of pain relief for approximately twelve hours to patients who suffer from chronic pain. This powerful opiate provides relief when prescribed for cancer patients and individuals who have chronic, long-lasting back pain.

The active ingredient in this medication is oxycodone which is also found in drugs like Tylox and Percodan. However, OxyContin contains between 10 and 160 milligrams of oxycodone while the other pain killers contain only 5 milligrams. Additionally, because they are not nearly as strong as OxyContin and do not contain the time-release component, these drugs must be administered more frequently than the twice a day dose needed of OxyContin.

Oxycontin Addiction

Individuals who abuse their prescription or take the drugs illegally may easily become addicted or dependent upon this strong narcotic, creating the need for OxyContin Addiction Treatment. OxyContin is designed so that the oxycodone is slowly released over time, allowing it to be used twice daily. You should never break, chew, or crush the OxyContin tablet since this causes a large amount of oxycodone to be released from the tablet all at once, potentially resulting in a dangerous or fatal drug overdose.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding this drug. It is considered to be miraculous by patients in need of pain relief who are being helped to lead a normal life but it is also considered “pharmaceutical heroin” by others who see the number of deaths and robberies in areas where this drug is being abused.

Much of this epidemic is not caused by irresponsible use of drugs by patients, but by irresponsible prescribing by physicians. For people looking to end a dependency on prescription drugs, Meditox offers a safe and reliable OxyContin Addiction treatment option.


Withdrawal Process

In the medical community today, there are two big problems. The first is that doctors are often too liberal in the administration of prescription drugs such as opiate painkillers. The second is that doctors are often hesitant to talk to their patients about potential prescription drug dependencies.

For a multitude of reasons, it has become increasingly common for doctors to hand out open-ended prescriptions for potent narcotics such as OxyContin. Biggest among these is the fact that many doctors don’t have the knowledge or the time to properly treat diseases such as chronic pain. To help their patients, they give out painkillers in the hopes of anaesthetizing the problem.

On top of this, a National Institute of Health study showed that physicians find that prescription drug dependency is the hardest topic to bring up with their patients. Over 40 percent of doctors report having difficulty discussing this with their patients–but less than 20 percent have trouble talking about depression. If your doctor is reluctant to discuss prescription drug dependency and OxyContin withdrawal with you, then it’s time you take matters into your own hands.