Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Oxycodone Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery CenterOxycodone is the most potent painkiller that can be taken in pill form, and, although it has a very high potential for addiction, doctors tend to favor it when it comes to things such as post-operative pain.

It’s this potential for addiction that makes Oxycodone addiction treatment so important.

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we understand that sometimes pain persists which makes halting Oxycodone a fearful choice. It is for this reason that we’ve brought together a team of professionals to address oxycodone addiction from all sides.

This personalized, multi-faceted approach is what has helped so many individuals let go of their Oxycodone use.

How Does Oxycodone Addiction Happen?

Of all the prescription pills that are hitting the streets these days, Oxycodone is, perhaps, one of the most sought after. Sadly, using this drug for an extended period of time means that your body will develop a tolerance for it, resulting in higher and higher dosages for an analgesic property.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment - Lakehouse Recovery Center

As we’ve stated, this is a highly addictive prescription pill. As these increased doses are taken, addiction quickly sets in.

Here’s what makes Oxycodone addiction so scary:

  • It binds to pain receptors in the brain so that the actual sensation of pain is reduced.
  • When used in excess, both mental and physical addiction can result.
  • Your brain begins to condition itself, believing that the way your body feels with the drug in your system is, in fact, normal.
  • Your mind tells you that you will feel best while it is in your system.

Then, your brain begins to learn that the regular dose is normal. You see this in the building of tolerance–since a certain amount of the drug is part of normal brain function, it takes a stronger dose to have any analgesic effect.

And addiction sets in.

Our Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

As you can tell, it is very important to treat Oxycodone addiction early on at various levels. This drug does not only affect the physical body but the mind, as well.

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we have put together a program that allows us to develop an individualized plan for treatment. Focusing on your medical, psychological, addiction, and wellness goals, we help give you all the tools you will need for a successful recovery.

Medical treatment

Underlying medical conditions that prompted the initial Oxycodone use are common. Our medical staff work with you to find alternatives to battle your pain – and help you heal from addiction. Plus, we know that to overcome obstacles you have to be strong and healthy. Our medical team helps to teach you how to heal your body from the inside – and manage a healthy lifestyle.

Psychological therapy

The damage that occurs in the mind thanks to addiction needs to be addressed. During Oxycodone Addiction treatment, our therapeutic team will help you to re-focus your mind, as well as deal with any unresolved mental health issues. You will learn new ways to approach life and situations in a healthy manner with the use of effective coping skills.

Continued wellness

Taking care of your body as a whole can help you feel stronger and empowered. Together, we will teach you how to discover and maintain this wellness for your sober future.

Ready to Move Forward?

Is it time to try Oxycodone addiction treatment and begin your recovery journey?

If you are ready to change your life and be free from addiction, contact us today!


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