Outpatient Drug Rehab Westlake

Outpatient Drug Rehab Westlake

It is already common knowledge that drugs are harmful and that it is a fine line between being open-minded in trying new experiences and being reckless. With heavy drugs like narcotics and psychostimulants, “reckless” is more likely the word to be used. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we know that being open-minded about using drugs is the first in a long line of mistakes people will make, errors which can turn to have a fatal outcome.

The outpatient drug rehab in Westlake has been developed to continue the inpatient/residential treatment, which is only reserved to those in advanced stages of addiction. The primary goal here is to help the patient maintain the rehabilitation process even outside the confinement of the institution, in case he has social and personal duties to abide by.

Despite not delivering the same degree of control as the inpatient program, the intensive outpatient program (IOP) aims at exerting as much power as possible, while allowing the patient more freedom at the same time. Not everybody can sign in with a fulltime rehab process over a period of several months, and some patients don’t have to, because their addiction has not reached extreme stages anyway.

Becoming drug-free again

An effective rehab institution has to focus on the many aspects that make up drug addiction because its effects go well beyond those of physical nature. The patient psychological functioning will change, and his behavior will be influenced. As a result, causing social and familial problems as a result. These are aspects that every outpatient drug rehab in Westlake focuses on. As a result, what the IOP offers include:

  1. Periodic drug testing – Freedom comes at a cost. To make sure that the patient hasn’t relapsed, weekly drug testing will be put in place, looking for traces of any forbidden substance, including alcohol.
  2. Teaching coping mechanisms – Because the patient is free to attend to his social activities, he will need to learn how to deal with the drug craving tendency. This might even require adopting a healthier lifestyle, including a more balanced diet, regular physical activity and so on.
  3. Group therapy sessions – Participating in group therapies may help the patient bond with other people in the same situation, understand how damaging drug abuse is and learn a valuable lesson in the process.
  4. Family counseling – More often than not, drug addicts will end up losing the support of their families, and this program is meant to bring everyone together, with the goal of providing moral and spiritual support. This way, the healing process will go faster and will become more effective in the long run.
  5. Holistic approaches – The patient will have the chance of engaging in yoga and meditation sessions, which have been proven to have a calming, healing effect on the mind and spirit.

At Lakehouse Recovery Center, the outpatient drug rehab in Westlake has been designed to help the individual take full control over his life and leave his addiction behind for good. It is a long and challenging process, but it is one worth taking.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Westlake
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