Outpatient Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks

Outpatient Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks

While it is evident that drug addiction is as destructive as it can get in practically all cases, it does have different stages it goes through, for mild to worse to severe. Depending on the stage you’re currently in, the rehabilitation treatment may differ as well. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, our rehab programs have been personalized according to the patients’ status and needs.

The outpatient drug rehab in Thousand Oaks comes as the upgrade of the inpatient/residential program, which exerts higher levels of control, combined with 24/7 care and supervision. Drug addiction goes through several phases when it sets in, and it follows a similar pattern when it is being treated. A John Doe who has decided to give drugs a shot will find himself in one of the following phases as drug consumption keeps progressing:

Phase 1 – The first doses

Phase 1 is usually triggered by a wide range of factors, including curiosity, boredom, looking for something exciting, or trying to self-treat mental disorders or other health problems.

Phase 2 – The repeated use

At this stage, the patient is not necessarily addicted. But he may resort to repeated drug use voluntarily with the purpose of experiencing the uplifting narcotic effects again.

Phase 3 – Abusive behavior

Here we already have the first sign of abusive use. The individual will resort to drug use even clearly experiencing side-effects and will continue to do so, driven by the early signs of drug craving.

Phase 4 – Addiction

The patient is already hooked to the substance, and here is where withdrawal will kick in every several hours passed without the organism to get its necessary drug dose. In this stage, there is nothing the patient can do but submit to the drug’s influence and require professional assistance.

The outpatient drug rehab in Thousand Oaks deals with the initial stages of the drug addiction, where the patient has remained functional to a certain degree, as well as with the following steps of the rehabilitation treatment when addiction has been successfully countered.

A lifetime battle

The intensive outpatient program is the proof that addiction can never be cured. The addictive behavior is embedded in the human nature, and no matter how meticulous and advanced the rehab treatment is, the patient will always risk relapsing, provided he doesn’t change his lifestyle completely.

This is why every outpatient program focuses on carrying on the rehab treatment even outside the walls of the institution. The goal is to help the patient maintain his social obligations, take care of his familial duties and respect his job or educational prerogatives, at the same time as keeping the treatment active.

In the end, the rehabilitation process should last a lifetime, because drug addiction can always bounce back if the individual doesn’t prove sufficient determination in avoiding its pitfall. Proper outpatient drug rehab in Thousand Oaks will focus on helping people develop coping mechanisms, so they can avoid making the same mistake again. This is precisely what the Lakehouse Recovery Center aims at – assisting the patient in completely changing his life for the better.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks
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