Opiate Detox & Withdrawal Relief


For many people struggling with opiate addiction or abuse, the idea of entering treatment is often scary and overwhelming, and there can be significant nervousness especially surrounding the opiate detox and withdrawal relief process.

However, it’s so important for people to know that there are a number of resources available that can not only make opiate detox possible, but safe and comfortable.  If you or a loved one is struggling with opiate abuse and ready to take the steps to become free from addiction, we welcome you to the Lakehouse Recovery Center, where we offer a full-service opiate detox and treatment program.

How Does Opiate Withdrawal Relief Work?

Opiate Detox Center and Opiate Withdrawal Relief - Lakehouse Recovery Center

The most common form of opiate abuse is addiction to prescription opiate pain killers, which has become the most highly abused prescription drug, in recent years.

While abuse can develop in a number of different ways, including authorized initial use, opiates are incredibly addictive substances, which make it very difficult for people to use without becoming addicted.

Furthermore, the nature of the addiction is especially difficult because people become physically dependent upon the substances, in order to function in their daily lives.  Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people to want to get sober and even make sincere efforts, but to relapse because of the challenges of opiate withdrawal relief and symptoms, including strong cravings.

Because of these inherent challenges to becoming sober, opiate detox centers are strongly recommended, in order to help people through these first challenging days, and to set the groundwork for a safe and successful recovery.

The Lakehouse Difference

While the opiate detox process can be challenging, we’ve designed a program that provides people with the support and relief they need to achieve sobriety.  This includes a number of different physical, mental, and emotional strategies.

These strategies serve to:

  • Minimize symptoms
  • Keep people focused and encouraged on their opiate treatment goals
  • Provides the emotional support and guidance necessary to help people process what they’re going through, in an authentic way

The result is that people are not just able to successfully navigate the process of opiate detox while feeling safe and supported, but they are also able to feel more energized and clear-headed as they enter the upcoming therapeutic aspects of their greater opiate addiction treatment programs.

For the people here for opiate detox treatment, we’re able to coordinate a recovery plan with care, so that all efforts are aimed toward their larger treatment goals.

The Opiate Detox Center at the Lakehouse 

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’re committed to helping people overcome the anxieties and challenges of opiate detox, so they can successfully move toward meaningful and lasting recovery.

Our team of professionals are as skilled as they are understanding, and know first-hand what it’s like to navigate the difficulties and victories of this process. As all of our staff are in recovery as well, we can thoroughly and successfully communicate with our residents to provide more in-depth care.

Located in Los Angeles County, our small Westlake Village recovery center is limited to just six clients at a time, which ensures our ability to provide the highest quality attention and care to each person here.