Detox Treatment

Lakehouse Recovery Center Detox Treatment:

Advancements in addiction detoxification have completely changed the scope of residential treatment; it offers a whole new pathway toward improved long-term success and ultimately, a greater sense of hope in the mind of the addict.

– Stuart Birnbaum, Co-founder of Meditox Services and Executive Director at The Lake House Recovery Center


Research shows that for people entering Alcohol and/or Substance Abuse treatment, a supported time of  Detox can be extremely effective in helping people manage the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug and/or alcohol use.  Our Detox plans are designed to ensure a person’s physical, mental, and emotional safety and well-being throughout the withdrawal process, which usually can last between three to seven days.  Secondly, this Detox time is focused on assisting people in overcoming the strong urges to use, which sometimes can even increase, during the detoxification process.  What we’ve seen in our many years of experience providing Alcohol and Substance Abuse treatment is that people are much more likely to be successful in their treatment if they have support tailored specifically toward protecting them from relapse, during this challenging time.

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, our Detox treatment programs are designed to support women and men as they withdraw from alcohol or other substances.  Detox constitutes the important first phase in Alcohol and/or Substance Abuse Treatment, in order for people to successfully achieve and sustain sobriety.  Our Detox treatment programs are designed to support people into the initial phase of recovery and provide mental, emotional, and physical support and oversight, throughout any detox and withdrawal symptoms they may experience.  Our Detox programs are designed in conjunction with our treatment programs, so that people can seamlessly and successfully transition into the next stages of their Alcohol and/or Substance Abuse Treatment.

We’ve designed a Detox process that provides a safe, supported, and closely monitored environment, in which people can emerge from the physical dependence of a substance.  While this process can be challenging, we find that people often also gain significant relief, as their bodies become clear of the substance.  Furthermore, people often experience a clearer sense of thinking and energy, which they can then use to engage in the next therapeutic aspects of their recovery.  In this way, Detox is an invaluable step in people gaining freedom from substance and rebuilding successful, sober lives.

Some of the specific Detox programs we offer include:

Treatment Expenses:

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’re dedicated first and foremost to helping people in need, and providing care and support that will authentically help people to change and heal their lives.  Because of this, we’re committed to working with people to address the costs of Lakehouse Recovery Center treatment, and offer a variety of resources to this end, including working with a variety of PPO insurance programs, financing options, and even therapeutic scholarships.  For people with PPO insurance providers, treatment will often require minimal out-of-pocket cost and in some cases, none at all.

Lakehouse Recovery Center:

Lakehouse Recovery Center provides Detox programs, as one element of our Alcohol and Substance Abuse treatment facility.  In instances where people plan to continue at Lakehouse for the entirety of the treatment process, we’re able to design the detox and treatment aspects to be synergistic, and to utilize the detox process in supporting people toward their larger treatment goals.  In our Detox programs, we implement a number of different therapeutic resources, including assisted detox, as well as dietary, holistic, and emotional and physical elements that will support people through this time.  Our Detox team is made up of a combination of mental and medical health professionals that work together to create a support team for each individual here at Lakehouse Recovery Center.