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Marijuana Addiction Overview

Marijuana Addiction Treatment | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Marijuana addiction is a serious condition that can cause significant harm in people’s lives, leaving them feeling stuck and hopeless, and far from living the lives they desire.  Marijuana is also the most commonly abused drug in America, following alcohol.  Even while marijuana continues to become more prevalent and even legalized in some states, the drug is nonetheless extremely potent and can have significant effects on people, especially with prolonged and/or excessive use.  It’s not uncommon for the prevalence of the drug to cause people to underestimate these negative effects and/or the gravity of their addiction, which leads to repeated failed attempts at becoming sober.  At The Lakehouse Recovery Center we offer marijuana addiction treatment, which is a full-service program designed to support people to finally take the steps they need to achieve sobriety and finally become empowered to live their best lives.


Marijuana Addiction Treatment Details

Marijuana addiction is characterized by level of abuse in which the people can’t stop using the drug, even despite the negative effects it’s causing in their lives.  This is often because in cases of marijuana addiction, people become physically dependent upon the drug and will experience withdrawal symptoms, if they try to go without it.  Some of these withdrawal symptoms can include things such as: anxiety, decreased appetite, agitation and overall moodiness, and cravings.

It’s also very common with instances of marijuana abuse for people to be addicted for a period of time and to deny the addiction, simply writing it off as casual or harmless use.  However, while marijuana addiction is less tied to severe overdose risks such as with heroin or cocaine, the consequences of marijuana addiction can nonetheless be detrimental to people’s lives.  It’s also important to recognize that marijuana is a substance that affects people very differently and as such, can have only moderate effects on one person, and then produce severe symptoms in another.  These effects include both physical, mental, and emotional symptoms such as: moodiness, impaired memory, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, depression, overall apathy and/or disinterest toward life, and more.  While these are some of the common, every day symptoms associated with marijuana abuse there are also a number of more extreme symptoms that can be caused, such as paranoia, hallucinations, chronic depression, disruption of brain development, and more.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at The Lakehouse Recovery Center

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing the support and guidance people need, in order to gain freedom from substance abuse conditions and regain power of their own lives.  We understand that Marijuana is a drug that can easily turn from casual, occasional use to an addiction that has detrimental effects,and which people need professional help, in order to escape.  This is why we’ve designed a full-service Marijuana Addiction Treatment program, in which we work with people on an individual basis to design treatment plans which will support people to effectively become sober and to sustain their sobriety.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center is a rehabilitation and treatment center located in beautiful Westlake Village, in Los Angeles County.  The Lakehouse Recovery Center is one of the leading marijuana addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles and we specialize in individualized, thorough care which helps people to make the authentic changes they need in order to live sober, meaningful lives.