Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana Addiction Treatment - Lakehouse Recovery CenterMarijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs in our country, falling second only to alcohol. Yet, seeking marijuana addiction treatment is not as common as you’d think.

Because of its legalization in many states and loud activists, the negative effects that marijuana can bring into your life are often dismissed or overlooked.

However, it is a very potent drug that can lead to significant impairment in life. This is especially true for those have engaged in prolonged or excessive use. This is also true for those who began using marijuana early in their lifetime.

If you take the step to seek treatment, we will provide you a personalized approach to give you the strength and tools you need to become sober – and remain sober.

About Marijuana Addiction

Many people are known to use marijuana casually. And, you rarely ever hear of individuals overdosing on the drug. Do not let this knowledge lead you to have misconceptions – none of this makes using marijuana safe.

Using marijuana brings physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. These may include:

  • Moodiness
  • Impaired memory
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Apathy or lack of interest in life

Of course, it can also lead to hallucinations, paranoia, chronic depression, and disruption of brain development.

The truth? Marijuana is not as innocent as it is portrayed to be, and treatment for marijuana addiction is sometimes necessary.

What typically is not focused on is the negative impact regular marijuana use can have on life as a whole. The symptoms and feelings you get from smoking or ingesting this drug can negatively affect your desire to achieve, grow, and find joy in life.

Our Approach to Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Upon your arrival at The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we will assess your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. This enables us to give you an individualized approach to marijuana addiction treatment.

We work with people on an individual basis to design treatment plans which will support people to effectively become sober and to sustain their sobriety.

By focusing on your needs in our whole-body approach, we make sure you have all the tools and skills you need to heal.

Step 1: Medical treatment

Under the care of our medical staff, you will begin to heal physically from your addiction. Learning how to adopt a healthy lifestyle can bring your body back to an optimally functioning state.

Step 2: Psychological treatment

Addiction may cause you to adopt negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that need to be addressed. Treatment for marijuana addiction will help you learn how to manage stress, bad habits, life changes, and so much more.

Step 3: Education

Knowledge is key to many things in life. Learning about addiction and how it affects the body – and the brain – helps individuals get a hold on their addiction and future recovery struggles. Education is also important for teaching how to reacclimate within society as a sober individual.

Step 4: Continued wellness treatment

Recovery doesn’t end after treatment. There are things that you need to learn and adopt into your life that help you have a continued life of wellness. This may include Yoga, meditation, and various holistic approaches.

The Lakehouse Difference

If you, or a loved one is in need of marijuana addiction treatment, contact us today. Start your life new.

Throughout your entire time here at The Lakehouse Recovery Center, you will feel encouraged and empowered to face your addiction and recover from it successfully.


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