Alcohol and drugs had destroyed my life. I came into the lake house not believing I could ever be happy.
The lake house is a magical place full of positive people, staff that really cared about the wellbeing of my soul. They shared their experience with me and held my hand. They believed in me even though I had no idea who I was anymore, and they pulled me out.

The Lakehouse is the perfect arena to be in to get inspired, to start growing and be motivated to change your life. What I got from the Lakehouse was the best possible foundation I would have for moving forward in life. A seed was planted and what i got after that was a series of lessons that advanced me to a higher level of living and loving that I did not think possible.

My spirit is healed and on top of that I now have the tools I need to cope with the hardest things in life without wanting to pick up a drink or a drug! I know that any one of the incredible staff there are always available to talk if I ever need them and that is very unique.

I feel incredibly blessed for where I stand today. Now, not only am I happy, anything is possible with the true freedom I have.

Forever thanks to my Lakehouse family.

Sasha UK

When I first arrived at The Lake House, I didn’t know what to expect.  I just wasn’t bruised…I was broken. What I found was a solid medical staff, help, support and a lot of love.  The experience and facility was amazing and I now have the tools I need to live a productive and happy life!

Oxnard, CA

It is easy for me to write this, but much harder trying to keep it short!  I came to the Lake House as a complete mess of a human being.  My addiction to alcohol completely ran my life in every way.  I did not really believe in ny program or in myself and felt very alone.  I had lost most of my family and friends due to my own actions and behaviors.  I thought my life was quite hopeless.

I had found out about the Lake House from an advertisement while online one night.  I saw they accepted insurance and I thought I would seek help while I still had a job.  I picked up the phone and called.  I was immediately received by a caring person and I agreed to try their program.  Upon my arrival, I was surrounded by a very professional and loving staff of people.  They really did care not only about treating my addiction but also about me as a person.

I surrendered to the program.  I made it fine through the detox, I attended the meetings, participated in the activities and therapies.  I took full advantage of what the program offered because I was ready and desperate to succeed.  I not only succeeded in the program but now I thrive.  I am in the after care program currently.  I now realize I am never alone.  My life has been transformed, my job is so much better.  I am still mending a few fences with family and friends but getting there nonetheless.

If you or a loved one has a drug or addiction problem, please take my advice, as someone who has been there. Let the Lake House help you!  They helped…no they SAVED me.  My thanks alone just isn’t enough and so if by reading this testimonial, I can help another person that would be amazing!

Oxnard, CA

The care and treatment I received at The Lake House saved my life.  The medical staff was awesome and really supported me through the whole process.  The support staff was great and nurturing.  I completed the program and now I have a real job and a real life.  The beautiful facilities and activities really added to the whole experience and positive outcome.  Thank you!

Calabasas, CA

I have been sober now for two years thanks to the Lake House!  There is no way I could have accomplished this on my own or without the helpful care.  The amazing and loving staff cheered me on the whole way.  They still do.  I have made some great friends at the events and social networks after my treatment that will last a lifetime.  I highly recommend this facility and program!

Calabasas, CA

I took my daughter to The Lake House for both drug and alcohol addiction.  I wasn’t sure how it would go but they were so professional and loving.  She completed the program and willingly attends her meetings.  She followed up with aftercare at their sober living home and that really helped too.  She has made new friends as a result of the ongoing support programs. My daughter was transformed by the experience and now we have her back.

Ventura, CA

I have been through two other detox programs.  The Lake House was the very best and different because it is individualized based on the client’s needs.  I was treated by a professional, compassionate and loving staff.  I have no doubt that this time will be a success.  I have been off drugs now for a year and feel like I now have a life filled with hope, love, and happiness.

Ventura, CA

The Lake House really saved me and I wanted to say “thank you”.  I have been clean now for thirteen months when I couldn’t imagine twenty four hours together.  Thank you Brian, Cainan, Jude, Dylan and the rest of the staff from the bottom of my heart!  I love you guys!

Burbank, CA

I feel like the Lake House has provided me with tools I need to kick my alcohol addiction.  I was treated really well there and got to bring my dog too!  I had a great experience and would recommend it highly.

Burbank, CA

My son was caught up in the epidemic of heroin and prescription drug use that has been running rampant throughout Simi Valley and the country.  It started in high school and quickly spiraled out of control.  Several of his young friends have died already.  I was terrified I was going to lose him too.  He didn’t want help.  Somehow I managed to talk him into going down to the Lake House to see for himself.  He was immediately surrounded by love and support.  The staff is made up of men and women who have been through this themselves and his fears melted away.  He is drug free for eight months now.  He continues to work a twelve step program and goes to meetings throughout the Conejo Valley.  I am so proud of him and so grateful to everyone at the Lake House Recovery Center.

Simi Valley, CA

I am the father of four boys.  I coach the soccer team.  I’ve been happily married for twenty two years and the thought of myself as being a drug addict was the furthest thing from my imagination. But in August of 2013, I hurt my back as was prescribed hydrocodone.  It worked…for while but before I knew it I found myself addicted to it.  I was so full of shame.  So confused.  I went online and found The Lake House Recovery Center.  They took me by the hand, detox the drugs out of my system, put me in touch with pain management professionals who offered me non-opiate remedies.  I live with some discomfort now but none of it compares with the nightmare of being dependent on prescription pain killers.

Santa Barbara, CA

I truly can’t thank The Lake House Recovery Center enough for helping me to put my life back together.  From the moment I arrived, I was supported by an amazing group of medical and professional staff.  Many of the support staff have been through the program themselves and know what it takes to succeed. I felt very safe there.  I was supported in every way and got to bring my dog too!  I am attending my meetings and have started my college studies once again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Santa Barbara, CA

I thought my life was my oyster and it was all so exciting growing to be a woman.  I had men crawling out of the woodwork, a different date every night of the week.  Then came my trip to Big Bear.  First day, third run down, my ACL is completely torn.  I was stuck in bed bored and miserable.  Then they offered me Vicodin ES for pain.  Suddenly, the hours spent sulking and bored disappeared magically with these little pills.  Then I discovered the more I took the better I felt.  The pills seemed to make it Okay or so I thought.  I started popping 10-15 pills a day, for almost a decade.

It’s the only thing I had left.  My boyfriend dumped me b/c he didn’t want a junkie for a girlfriend, my best friends wanted to stay away. I continued to lose and lose hard.  I got arrested for DUI and that was less than a year after putting myself in a detox which I could not stand.

Then I came across The Lake House Recovery Center, using Google.  They were kind and considerate and took my insurance!  I started the program and really did it.  I started to see colors again and hear music and feel good.  The world started appearing so much brighter to me.  My friends all told me how fantastic I looked, even people who did not know me.  The Lake house gave me my life back and I am forever eternally grateful.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Life is precious, and it is rare that one gets a second chance. I am so grateful that I was able to spend the time I did at Recovery Advocates. It is truly a one of a kind. The atmosphere and surroundings were surreal. Who gets to wake up on a lake each day, have all there meals cooked, and really feel that you are at home? The staff there is amazing, and would do anything – above and beyond their means – to help us. There was a true family dynamic between the staff and the clients. The feeling I got when I was there, was indescribable. I really felt like I was in heaven.

Jaime B.Rancho Cucamonga, CA

There is something very special about this place. The staff is uniquely supportive and wonderful – they really care about the clients. They have all made it clear to me that I can count on their support for the rest of my life. I’m glad I wound up at Recovery Advocates. I will always be grateful to Stuart, the program’s director, for all he did for me – above and beyond. I love this place!

Kelley N.Malibu, CA

I stayed at the Lakehouse from February 8th to May 6th. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. I didn’t get my life back, I found a new one. I experience peace and serenity within myself that I had never thought possible before. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences here. The staff is compassionate, willing, and dedicated. I am forever in debt to them. They saved my life.



I have been through previous rehab programs prior to my experience at The Lake House.  So, I was losing hope and felt like I was spiraling down.  The program at The Lake House was unique like it was tailored just for me. The entire staff was really loving, really great.  They actually cared!I am maintaining my sobriety and loving it – and I have a new group of friends within my community.  The best part is I got to bring my dog for moral support.

Thousand Oaks, CA

I wanted to thank the Lake House Recovery Center for giving me my mom back.  She became addicted to pain meds and needed some help.  She didn’t want to go through the program but we managed to talk her into it.  I can’t believe what a difference it has made with her.  She is like the mom I used to have! She is engaged, present, mindful and happy.  She has been clean now for over a year.  Thank you!

Thousand Oaks, CA

This was a wonderful experience.  The therapists, medical and support staff were really there for me with compassion and love.  My needs were definitely met and this is not a “one size fits all” treatment center.   I am so much stronger and grateful.  I would highly recommend this program.

Encino, CA

I didn’t know what to expect, but the Lake House was the most safe and loving Detox program.  I felt like the entire staff really cared and took the very best care of me.  I have been clean and sober now for six months.  Feel like me again!

Encino, CA

My experience at The Lake House Recovery Center was great!  It has transformed me in a number of ways.  I am now in control of my life and free from the shackles of drugs and alcohol.  The staff are very professional and loving.  They treated me very well.  The friends I have made and the aftercare added to my overall success, particularly the alumni picnics and social events.

Camarillo, CA

The Lake House is really a first class treatment center.  My experience for drug and alcohol addiction was about the best that I could hope for.  The staff is top notch, very kind and loving. I learned to get in touch with a part of myself that I thought was lost forever. I not only got my life back but gained a whole new bunch of supportive friends.

Camarillo, CA

I kept putting off coming to the Lake House because I was afraid of the detox.  The experience however, was amazing.  I felt safe and comfortable.  I learned that getting alcohol out of my system was only the beginning.  The treatment that followed changed my life.

Tarzana, CA

I didn’t want any help. I was scared of detox.  I felt alone and confused.  My family talked me into going to the Lake House.  I was immediately surrounded by people who only cared about me and my success.  I guess I could call it love.  I made it through the program.  I am attending my meetings and for the first time in years, I am really happy.  Above all, I am grateful to my loving family and to the Lake House.

Tarzana, CA

Today is week #5!  I have my life back, this morning my husband told me he hadn’t seen me like this in three years!  My daughter told me, “you’re back mom”!  My Fybromyalgia is down to 2%-3% of what it was.  I am fully able to live with the Joy and Love and Laughter which has always been my way.  The reason?  I was put in touch with people who know how to listen to another human being “Really Listen”.  They put their trust in me which was a gift I absolutely needed.  For the first time in three years I gave up the reins to my life, completely.  What I am trying to say is; their respectful, caring, and flexible treatment ALLOWED me to let go,  ALLOWED me to get the help I so desperately needed.  This note isn’t long enough, there aren’t any words, how do I express the deepest gratitude?  Thank you, Lake House.

Woodland hills, CA

I work for a large company and was afraid to seek help becauseI didn’t want to lose my job.  The staff helped me through this, coordinated all the paperwork and documentation necessary and above all, I was thrilled to discover how supportive my employer was!  Needless to say I didn’t lose my job and as the result of the work I did and continue to do, I have become a better employee, better father, better husband, and a better citizen.

Newbury Park, CA

Due to my opiate use, my family had researched many outlets for help and found Recovery Advocates. I was incredibly scared to leave life as I knew it on pause, but I was also intrigued by the proposition of not needing to live the way that I was living anymore. Looking back now, having come out the other side, it is almost scary to me to see how lucky I am for ending up where I did. I truly did not believe that the life I have today was possible, I know that it is due to thousand of little moments and learning experiences specifically because I was at the Recovery Advocates. During my stay the staff spent countless hours with me, even off the clock, passing on the gold that they had mined during the years of their own journeys. I have been given a set of tools with which I can constructively handle all of the curve-balls that life may throw my way, good or bad. I can, for the first time, truly say that I love life today and I would not give it away for anything in the world.

Jake G.Simi Valley, CA

Who would ever think a devoted mom with four children would have a secret addiction to pain meds?  The shame and emotional pain I endured for three years being addicted to drugs almost did me in.  I could hardly function and came close to losing my family.  I heard about The Lake House Recovery Center from a concerned and faithful friend.  I went through detox and the entire program.  The experience was not scary and I felt loved and supported by the entire staff.  I am so eternally grateful to have my life back.  Thank you so much Lake House!

Jake G.Simi Valley, CA

In a picturesque place right on Lake Sherwood is the Lake House Recovery Center! The setting is like something out of a fairy tale.  The program however, is serious business.  I felt safe, well cared for and supported by the most professional and loving group of medical and support team.  They handled all of the insurance paperwork and made my sobriety attainable!  My overall experience was awesome.  I feel I have the skills and treatment I so badly needed to beat my alcoholism.  I am currently in the aftercare program and loving my life.  Thank you to the Lake House!

Jake G.Westlake Village, CA

My name is Kevin Bock. I was a resident in 2013 from February to May. I would like to say thank you and give you my 1 year check-in date since I sought treatment for heroin addiction.

I have a life today that I never imagined I would be living. I can’t thank the staff that was there during my stay enough for their kindness and caring for my well-being. Thank you Stuart, Ed, Mark, Jake, Annie and anybody else I may have forgotten to mention who was there during my stay. I have not used opiates in 393 days and that was something I never thought would be possible.

Today, I have my own apartment, a 401k, I received a second promotion at my job at the law firm I work at and have fixed the problems with my family and friends. Not just my mother and father, but the whole family. I am able to lend advice and experience to my other relatives and friends. Once where I considered myself to be the bottom of the barrel, I am now being told I am a shining example of a good human being. Even if it is my mother or best friend that is saying it, that is a big deal deal to me. To be a positive influence in this world was my dream.

I hear there has been quite a few changes in the home transforming from a sober living to a Rehab facility. I currently know a resident living at The Lakehouse who will be leaving soon and I am very happy to hear that she found a good place to start her recovery…Thanks for being there for us.

Kevin B.Los Angeles, CA

I was at the Lakehouse from October till November. I was amazed at the safe caring environment that the staff provided. I was given a priceless opportunity to build a solid foundation for my sobriety. I came in a broken man quickly approaching death’s door. The day I left I knew that my time spent at the Lakehouse was the beginning of a new life for me. A life that I could meet on life’s terms, a life that didn’t need drugs and alcohol.


My stay at the Lakehouse turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and worthwhile experiences of my life. I arrived feeling completely broken and hopeless, but left with a whole new outlook on life, an amazing support network and some people with whom I am sure I will be lifelong friends.


My experience at the Lakehouse was amazing. Not only did I get my life back on track, I also met some great people that genuinely cared about my recovery. Food was awesome too. =) Thank you Lakehouse staff.