A Hybrid Approach

So what exactly is a “hybrid approach” when it comes to the world of addiction treatment services?

Many inpatient drug rehab centers adopt methods that essentially address the recovery process through one primary approach. The most common example of such scenarios would be the 12-step model, and while 12-step approaches can be effective to many, facilities that rely on this model as a singular approach often leave the client with a shortfall of tools that can dramatically improve the overall likelihood for success.

Holistic Advanced Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Center

The Lakehouse Recovery Center utilizes a unique approach that is founded on multiple avenues, all of which are designed to work in unison with one another in order to best achieve a higher probability for long-term success. Our fluid recovery programs strongly advocate a myriad of avenues including; 12-step, holistic, therapeutic, experiential and even cutting-edge medical science.

For those familiar with the intricacies of substance abuse, drug addiction and other chemical dependency related matters, it is clear that these issues can, and often do, exist on a multitude of levels. When dealing with a malady which exists physically, mentally and spiritually, it is important to approach each client from a highly integrative and individualized direction. Here at The Lakehouse we have found there to be substantially improved success in merging cutting-edge scientific advancements withing a core program that stresses both, classic as well as progressive addiction treatment techniques. This means shattering the bounds of what most drug rehab centers confine themselves to and instead, focusing solely on what works best for each individual client. What works best for one does not necessarily work best the other.

So what does this mean for the client exactly? This means that he or she will have the opportunity to apply the latest advancements in neuroscience addiction recovery solutions, while not foregoing the many variations of in-depth therapeutic services offered. This means that he or she will have the opportunity to address a myriad of underlying issues in a manner that has shown tremendous success. This means that the hybrid approach to addiction treatment provided here at The Lakehouse Recovery Center may very well mark the catalyst for the greatest point of positive change in his or her life to date!

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