The Lakehouse Difference

“Lakehouse Recovery Center turned around the life of a loved one. This place works.”

– Patricia R, Parent of Former Lakehouse Client –

The Lakehouse Recovery Center difference exists on many levels and is the culmination of many years experience; but at the heart of it all, the drive behind optimizing the client’s experience here is founded on a core passion to help change lives and rebuild families. We understand the worlds of active addiction and active recovery from every angle. More importantly though, we apply our expertise in a way that manifests as a “treatment experience” rather than just another drug rehab center.

There are a variety of differences to highlight when comparing The Lakehouse Recovery Center to the many other treatment centers out there…from affordability, to our amazing staff to our highly successful hybrid approach combining advanced approaches along with 12-Step, alternative and holistic recovery services.  Since our inception long ago we have aspired to remain on the cutting edge of rehabilitation. Many individuals come to us with little or no hope at the prospect of finding joy and contentment within a sober lifestyle, only to find themselves amazed at what life has to offer while just after a short time with us.

Our admission staff is available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer all of your questions…you are not alone in this!  Feel free to reach us toll-free at (877) 762-3707 or email us using the confidential email form on our Contact Us Page…

Lakehouse RecoveryRegions like Southern California provide enormous options in terms of addiction treatment centers, and here at The Lakehouse Recovery Center we have stood firm in the core belief that addiction treatment is a process best accomplished from a broad perspective.  The client’s experience here is about building new paradigms within their existence. It isn’t so much about changing who they are as it is about acknowledging their true self and resolving how to best integrate their new sober way of life.

We believe in making each new day an experience not just in life, but an experience in living. This means creating healthy balance and empowering the client with the ability to absorb and process what life has to offer. Addicts and alcoholics often struggle with handling the highs and lows of daily living, especially when their attitude is fogged but what they may perceive as monotony. The fact is that most people have a myriad of struggles in one form or another; the difference is how they handle it. The Lakehouse is about balance as much as it is about recovery.  It is about merging all that life has to offer within a framework of healthy response.

We don’t want to change you as a person, we want to help change the way you live. Somebody who loves to surf but has grown accustomed to using drugs with all of his surf buddies, for instance, shouldn’t need to give up this cherished hobby out of fear that it will inevitably lead him back to damaging behaviors. Fun is just as important as responsibility and maturity when measured in healthy proportions. The Lakehouse Recovery Experience is much more than just another drug rehab center!

Sobriety is about living. Some days are fun and exciting and others may be seem monotonous, but there’s always an experience to be gained, an experience that ultimately enriches the quality of your new sober existence for years to come…


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