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Recovering from addiction and alcoholism doesn’t have to mean putting your life on pause. Inpatient treatment may not be the best or most available option for everyone. For those needing a lower level or more flexible level of care, we recommend you consider our “outpatient” services. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers the same high­ quality and compassionate care that clients have come to expect from The Lakehouse, without requiring you to enter into full­ time addiction treatment.

“You don’t have to stop your life in order to save it.”

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a level of care that allows for more freedom than addiction treatment options with many of the same clinical and holistic therapies. IOP is an opportunity to receive care while still engaging in life outside of treatment, ideal for individuals who need to maintain their job, academic, or family responsibilities. Outpatient rehab programs are a way for a client to receive the necessary therapeutic care required to successfully recover from addiction and alcoholism.

IOP may be used as primary treatment or continuing care after addiction treatment. Treatment involves counseling, various forms of therapy, other therapeutic interventions, and educational classes designed to aid in a client’s recovery. The less intensive approach to treatment provided by the IOP program empowers an individual to develop all the necessary skills needed for maintaining sobriety. Outpatient treatment is split into three categories:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): 6 hours of treatment per day from 7 days per week to 3 days per week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): 3 hours of treatment per day from 6 days per week to 3 days per week.
  • Outpatient Program (OP): 1.5 hours of treatment per day from 3 days per week to 1 day per week.


Servicing Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Ventura County, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Westlake Village, and surrounding locations. The Intensive Outpatient Program offered by Lakehouse is more than treatment — it is an experience. The highly qualified and experienced staff at the Lakehouse believe in treating addiction and alcoholism from every angle. Many individuals enter Lakehouse with just a sliver of hope, only to live full lives of happiness and joy in sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Program - Lakehouse Recovery Center

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Why Choose Intensive Outpatient Program?

The IOP program is a way to provide critical treatment services to those who are unable to make a full-­time commitment to addiction treatment. Not everyone can take off from work, school, or other life priorities for the period needed to enter into an addiction treatment program. The IOP program offers highly effective care, education, guidance, and support without requiring one to live onsite at a treatment facility or be restricted from participating in other areas of life. An IOP program can also be a more flexible financial alternative to addiction treatment.

Balance is key in recovery. The IOP program allows individuals to address and treat their problems relating to addiction and alcoholism while still having the time to address their outside commitments. Meeting life on life’s terms is an important aspect of recovery, and the IOP program allows one to balance the time they dedicate to treatment with the time they need for other obligations.

What Does the IOP Program Offer?

The Lakehouse Recovery Center brings the same high ­quality and effective care offered in addiction treatment to the Intensive Outpatient Program. The same passion that The Lakehouse has used to change lives and rebuild families is the driving force behind the IOP program. Our belief in approaching addiction treatment from every angle has allowed us to offer an IOP program tailored to each individual’s specific needs in recovery.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program offers a combination of traditional and nontraditional treatment services designed to empower an individual in their recovery. These blended treatment methods make for a highly­ successful and unique approach to treatment that sets the Lakehouse apart from other treatment facilities.

1. Individual and Group Therapy

The IOP program offers individual and group therapy designed to address any mental health concerns or behavioral issues that may be contributing to one’s problems with alcohol or drugs. Group counseling allows clients to work through particular issues within a structured group setting, offering them solidarity, insight, and support from peers. The communication and feedback provided by group therapy is an integral aspects of recovery. One­-on-­one therapy gives a client the individualized attention they may need to address any personal issues that may impede their recovery.

2. Family Counseling

Addiction is often called a “family disease” because it affects the entire family. The IOP program offers family counseling designed to rebuild relationships between an individual suffering from addiction and his or her loved ones. Therapists can identify any problems that could be negatively affecting the family dynamic and guide the family toward reconciliation, rebuilding healthy relationships, and developing communication and positive coping mechanisms.

3. Education

Successful recovery requires an understanding of the disease of addiction. When clients and their families know what they suffer from, they can better create a path to recovery. The Lakehouse IOP offers educational services to teach clients about the nature of the disease of addiction, giving them essential knowledge for making smart decisions conducive to maintaining sobriety.

4. Life Skills Development

One of the greatest challenges in recovery is learning how to incorporate sobriety-­focused decision making into one’s daily life. The trained and experienced staff at Lakehouse Recovery Center understand the struggles faced by individuals attempting to recover from addiction and alcoholism. They utilize this experience and understanding to aid clients in developing healthy life skills that are beneficial to maintaining health and happiness in sobriety through wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

5. Drug Testing

The freedom to meet other commitments during participating in an IOP program doesn’t mean that a client will be more likely to engage in drug or alcohol use outside of treatment hours. The Lakehouse provides regular drug­testing to ensure that a client stays sober and on­track to building a better life in recovery, free from mind and mood­altering chemicals.

6. Yoga

Unlike other treatment facilities, the Lakehouse Recovery Center believes in treating all aspects of a client’s health, including the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is a scientifically proven therapy method. Results have found yoga successful in reducing stress, depression, symptoms of anxiety, and other symptoms associated with the early recovery process. The IOP program incorporates yoga to improve an individual’s overall well­being, making for a highly ­effective holistic treatment experience that aids in the process of healing from addiction and alcoholism.

Why Choose Lakehouse Intensive Outpatient Program?

The Intensive Outpatient Rehab offered by Lakehouse is more than treatment—it is an experience. The highly qualified and experienced staff at the Lakehouse believe in treating addiction and alcoholism from every angle. Many individuals enter Lakehouse with just a sliver of hope, only to live full lives of happiness and joy in sobriety. The unique method that the Lakehouse brings to treatment is based on the core belief that addiction treatment is best accomplished from a broad perspective. Treatment is individualized to each client’s specific needs and provides all the necessary tools to build a brighter future in sobriety.

The Recovery Advocates Intensive Outpatient Program is located in Westlake Village, CA, adjacent to the Lakehouse Recovery Center Clinical Program. The IOP program is staffed by the same superb clinical and counseling team that serves the Lakehouse. Individual and group therapy, family counseling, education, life skills development, drug testing, yoga, and much more are offered from 3 to 5 days a week in the IOP program.

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