Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs


“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

– Ralph Marston –

The Lakehouse Recovery Center specializes in primary addiction rehabilitation services, counseling, support and a variety of private and/or networked inpatient addiction treatment and recovery services.  We also offer access to a unique array of aftercare support services such as; upscale sober living housing, intensive outpatient treatment,  sober coaching, life coaching, etc.

Beyond therapeutic support and spiritually-based inpatient addiction treatment programs, we now also advocate for cutting-edge breakthroughs in brain science.  We can now, for the first time, quantify and measure improvement with memory loss, depression, impulse control, sleeplessness, compulsive behavior and a wide range of cognitive impairments.

Referring clients to the care they need, we create a comprehensive strategy of inpatient addiction treatment tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment at The Lakehouse Recovery Center

STEP ONE: Stabilization & Evaluation

    • Psychiatric, Psychotherapeutic and Medical evaluation
  • Pain management evaluation
  • Full chemistry lab profile
  • Cognitive therapy evaluation
  • Neuro-pharmacological evaluation
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Neuro-imaging evaluation
  • Sober advocacy

STEP TWO: Case Management & Intensive Integrated Aftercare

  • Psychotherapy
  • Group therapy…stress management and dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, etc
  • Monitored Neuro-cognitive development program
  • 12-Step AND non 12-step recovery advocacy
  • Intensive relapse prevention
  • Physical fitness program
  • Recovery skills training & coaching as it pertains to real-life scenarios
  • Goal setting and follow through
  • Cumulative consultative report to patient’s primary care physician, legal team (if applicable) & family (if applicable)
  • Experiential therapy
  • Integration of positivity, enjoyment fulfillment, how to enjoy life without the use of mind-altering substances
  • Recovery support groups and 12-step meetings

Our many years of formal and practical experience have shown that the array of addiction and recovery treatment protocols listed above, when combined and specifically tailored to meet the client’s individual needs, yield a substantially higher success rate in terms of not only length of sobriety, but equally important, length of QUALITY sobriety!

For more information on the highly successful chemical dependency addiction recovery services at The Lakehouse contact our trained admission staff 24/7 at (877) 762-3707.

An Integrative Approach to Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Many people find themselves in need of addiction help, along with the myriad of issues that commonly arise from such matters.  What seems to have originally started innocently as the weekend outing or the occasional party, has become unmanageable and a major cause for serious problems.  From legal issues to loss of jobs to family problems, financial issues and onward, it has gotten to the point where something needs to be done!

Those who abuse drugs, whether bona fide “addict” or not, will inevitably face an array of life-changing issues that are often times catastrophic.  Likewise, those in need of addiction help, in whatever form it may be, have numerous options available to them.

However when it comes to receiving help for drug or alcohol issues in an inpatient  addiction treatment center, it is important to focus on the long term solution, otherwise this becomes a recurring process as it so often does.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center takes a very integrative approach to addiction treatment and recovery, and one that truly looks at the individual as well as his or hers immediate and long term needs.

The Lakehouse Difference

Our commitment to the client during the course of receiving addiction help is very concrete in nature, yet extremely fluid and customized from a clinical perspective.  His or her addiction treatment will be personalized throughout and will consider such things as:

  • Personal history of drug and/or alcohol abuseAddiction Help |
  • Lifestyle and its unique aspects
  • Any potential co-occurring/dual-diagnosis issues
  • Family, marital and relationship issues
  • Family history relating to others having received addiction help
  • Any pending or past legal issues such as DUI/DWI and other addiction related charges
  • Coping skills and mechanisms utilized to persevere through sobriety
  • History of potential past trauma, sometimes stemming as far back as early childhood
  • Integrating new lifestyle elements such as, holistic components, relationships, physical health, emotional & spiritual health, etc.
  • In-depth relapse prevention
  • Work history, job loss issues and qualities inherent to his or her line of work
  • Long-term plans that assist in integrating sobriety into their day to day lifestyle

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, the client is surrounded by a vastly experienced staff that is able to apply multiple approaches during the course of their recovery and addiction treatment and help.  The goal here, again, is to attain long-term success in order to avoid this process from becoming a recurring one.

Success comes in many forms here, and the process used to attain those successes remains customized, integrative and highly successful.

Whether this is your first time seeking inpatient addiction treatment  or one of many, the change you make today will have lifelong implications.

We encourage you to consider the various approaches offered at many of Los Angeles’ leading treatment centers, but remember this: Effective addiction help must exist on a number of levels, and more importantly, it should be tailored to the individual in order to achieve the highest likelihood for long-term success.

Addiction help begins today at The Lakehouse!