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Thousand Oaks Drug Treatment Center in Westlake VillageThe Lakehouse Recovery Center first launched in 2005 and was founded on the principle that true recovery means utilizing a fine-tuned blend of elements that extend far beyond that which traditional drug rehab centers employ.

Clients receiving addiction treatment at our Southern California facility are afforded variations in unique blends of clinical recovery services that have been shown to dramatically improve overall success rates.  You may ask yourself, “What is our definition for success?” Our definition is: “Success in sobriety means attaining a healthy balance of joy, passion, health and personal value in life, while having the emotional, spiritual and intellectual tools enabling you to persevere through life’s good days and bad days.

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What is the best way to…

Alumni and Aftercare Support for Addiction

…determine an addiction treatment center’s overall level of effectiveness?  This is an important question, and sometimes a few testimonials simply aren’t enough. One very effective method in determining a facility’s overall efficacy and commitment to recovery is by looking closely at their alumni community. How involved is it?  How big is it? Does it promote healthy, proactive recovery-based events?

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