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    The Lakehouse Alcohol & Drug Rehab Recovery Center

    Lakehouse Walk Through Video Tour

    The house is a family-like atmosphere, where we share meals, laugh and cry together, experience growth and bond with one another

    Treatment Starts with You!

    A Comprehensive Drug Treatment Center and Alcoholism Recovery Center located in Westlake Village, CA.


    “Lakehouse Recovery Center turned around the life of a loved one. This place works. That simple.” – Patricia R., Hollywood, CA

    “After checking in I immediately felt the love and sense of home the house and staff provided.” – Bryan C., Simi Valley, CA

    “There is something very special about this place. The staff is uniquely supportive and wonderful – they really care about the clients.” – Kelly A., Seattle, WA

    “The Lakehouse not only saved my life but they showed me how to turn it into something I never could have imagined!” – Colin R., Sherman Oaks, CA

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