Dual-Diagnosis Treatment: Anxiety & Depression

Dual-diagnosis Overview

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we understand that people who are struggling with dual-diagnosis anxiety and depression are likely experiencing extremely difficult symptoms such as constant worry, paralyzing fear, deep sadness, and overwhelming hopelessness.  It can be difficult to think straight or even to function, no less be healthy, in your daily life.  It can also be very difficult sometimes to reach out and ask for help.  However, dual-diagnosis anxiety and depression is not something people should feel pressure to face alone or to just somehow overcome.  At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’ve designed a dual-diagnosis treatment program for anxiety and depression which is tailored to each person’s unique individual needs and circumstances, and which provides people with the support and guidance they need in order to overcome this debilitating state and begin living hopeful, healthy lives.


Dual-diagnosis Treatment Details

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer a Dual-diagnosis treatment program, designed to meet the unique needs of people suffering from symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Dual-diagnosis Anxiety and Depression (also known as Co-Occurring Disorders) can develop in a number of different ways, including that people may have just anxiety or depression first, before developing the other condition.  Some people with this condition may experience anxiety and depression at different times, experiencing a sort of “cycle” through the symptoms, while others may experience varying amounts of both of the conditions, persistently and simultaneously.  One of the most important reasons for seeking dual-diagnosis treatment for anxiety and depression is the two conditions can actually exacerbate one another, continuing to make symptoms become more severe, over time.  The symptoms of dual-diagnosis anxiety and depression can become overwhelming for people to address on their own, and can lead to harm and challenges in just about all areas of life.

Because there is an overlap of symptoms between anxiety and depression, it can be challenging to properly diagnose this condition accurately, and people may be mis-treated or undertreated, in initial attempts of getting help.   Accurate and precise diagnosis is an extremely important aspect of our dual-diagnosis treatment program, in order to provide the best treatment.  For instance, medication prescribed only for anxiety might actually be harmful to a person struggling with anxiety and depression.  It’s also important for people to receive help addressing the deeper underlying stressors that are causing or contributing to symptoms of anxiety and depression, in the first place.  For instance in some cases, people may be triggered by something which causes high levels of anxiety, and after the anxiety, the person may then “crash” into a low mood of depression.  In this kind of situation, it’s important to help the person address not only the anxious feelings but also the trigger and the person’s ability to become aware of, and to fend off, these stressors in their lives.  At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, our treatment supports people both to gain relief from their current struggles as well as to become empowered to sustain positive changes in their lives.


Dual-diagnosis Treatment at The Lakehouse Recovery Center

The Lakehouse Recovery Center is a mental health and substance abuse treatment center, located in beautiful Westlake Village, of Los Angeles County.  At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we specialize in providing carefully individually designed treatment plans, which support people to experience deep healing, which results in significant improvements, in their lives.  At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’re dedicated toward working with people, side-by-side, meeting them where they are and supporting them to find relief and freedom in their lives.  The Lakehouse Recovery Center is located just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean, in Los Angeles County, in a beautiful park-like setting, which proves to be a wonderful healing and nurturing environment for all who come here.


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