Drug Treatment California

Drug Treatment California

The war on drugs started in the 1970s when Richard Nixon declared that this was an issue that could no longer be postponed. Since then, the US has spent over $1 trillion and, although the situation is no longer as bad today as it was back then, we are still decades away from solving the drug problem, and that’s according to the most optimistic predictions. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we know that the drug epidemic is far from being solved anytime soon.

To this day, drug treatment in California remains one of the most effective strategies for fighting this epidemic and not even this is a perfect system. There are two problems that the drug rehabilitation programs have to face: the people’s lack of education on the subject and drug relapse.

1. The lack of education

Being uninformed on the topic of drugs will most definitely lead to poor choices on the issue. People, especially young adults, begin using drugs as means of recreation, thinking that they will be able to withstand the effects without any significant problems. In reality, that’s not the case. And, to break a few misconceptions:

– You can get addicted to your first dose

– Drugs are harmful even when consumed once; with cocaine, you risk sudden death at your first try

– It doesn’t matter how young and healthy your organism is; you do not possess extra resilience to the narcotic agents

– No matter how determined you are, escaping addiction is highly unlikely to near impossible without professional assistance

– Your addiction will affect both you and those around you

And lacking education can get you an urgent ticket to drug treatment in California in no time.

2. The drug relapse problem

There is no question about it – drug relapse is probably the most significant problems that the rehabilitation institutions need to face. Over 85% of the addicts relapse in less than a year since the rehabilitation process has finished. Around 2/3 of them will relapse while the rehab program is still going, mostly several weeks in. That goes to show that we don’t have a problem with the rehab programs, but with people.

The rehab treatments don’t fail, only people fail, and that brings us to the following procedures, which make up for how a proper rehabilitation is supposed to look like:

– Detoxification – using medication to counter withdrawal symptoms, drug cravings and the physical and psychological side-effects

– Behavioral therapies – aiming at teaching the individual how to control his behavior and become socially functional again

– Healing emotional trauma – sometimes people start using drugs to cope with childhood traumas or more recent emotional problems; something which needs to be addressed

– Coping mechanisms – the patient has to learn how to deal with his urges and cravings after completing the treatment

These two key aspects, along with their subfactors, contribute to defining the perfect drug treatment in California; one which, as we, at Lakehouse Recovery Center know, is meant to heal people, as well as cure society from the drug plague that’s poisoning it to its every fiber.

Drug Treatment California
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