Alumni Support

Many treatment centers and sober living homes throw out strong numbers with regard to success rates as a means to bolster their level of services.  While we can appreciate their level of commitment toward what it is they do, at The Lake House we believe, as do so many others in the recovery industry, that the best way to accurately assess a sober living home’s effectiveness is by looking at their alumni network.  The fact of the matter is that those whom are actively involved in alumni activities are sober and typically working toward bettering their lives in a multitude of ways.  A famous saying goes, “Those who do not come back to visit end up coming back to live;” and it is so true!  Quality sobriety requires that we as individuals maintain close and ongoing ties with other like individuals so as to harness our collective strength & awareness in many ways…

The Lake House Alumni Network extends nationwide, from Los Angeles and Ventura Counties throughout nearly every other state in the nation, this solid group of men & women maintains close ties and ongoing camaraderie not so much because they need to, but because they want to.  Their experience at The Lake House is an integral component in who they are and how they live today.

To us it is incredibly important to keep the doors open to this priceless network of people so that they may continue to share their love of life along with helping our current clients to see firsthand the many sober gifts that await if they stay the course.  Some examples of alumni events include:

  • Family BBQ’s
  • Holiday Parties
  • Recovery & 12-Step Workshops
  • Sponsorship Opportunites
  • Outdoor & Lakefront Activities
  • Meeting at Regional Recovery Conventions
  • And more…

We encourage you to read some of the testimonials from ex-clients and their families so that you and your family may get a firsthand accounting of what awaits at The Lake House…


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