Drug Treatment Aftercare

Alumni and drug treatment aftercare support services are among the most effective ways in determining how well an addiction treatment facility does in bolstering their client’s ongoing sobriety. It touches a variety of key elements in early as well as long-term recovery. The Lakehouse Recovery Center’s drug treatment aftercare Program is, in essence, the cherry on top that not only supports the commitment to recovery by each of our graduates, but also shows firsthand to those just entering treatment that an awesome new life in recovery IS possible!

The Lakehouse Recovery Center takes enormous pride in the work we do and the lives we help change. We go to a variety of lengths for each individual client depending on their needs, and the thought of letting go and parting ways upon completion is simply not a consideration.  We take a very integrative approach for a variety reasons, but ultimately it is to best ensure longevity in recovery!

Our Alumni & drug treatment aftercare support services include:

  • Alumni and family support functions
  • Open invitation to in-house recovery groups
  • Holiday and celebratory events
  • Getaways and facility sponsored events
  • Access to counselors and therapists
  • Strong online presence (and growing each day)
  • Opportunities to partake in other’s early recovery process
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • Access to Sober living
  • Career counseling and Goal Setting
  • Alumni Support
  • 12 Step Fellowship

Treatment from alcoholism and drug addiction is a serious proposition, no question about it. At the same rate, we insist on making it a proposition that is filled with many of life’s wondrous experiences. Those who complete the Lakehouse Recovery Center Program in good standing are not only invited, but encouraged to stay close to us and partake in the many wonderful opportunities available to them.

We invite you to contact our staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (877) 762-3707

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