Drug Rehab Ventura County

Drug Rehab Ventura County

Contrary to many beliefs, there is no such thing as safe drugs. There is this dangerous misconception spreading among the younger population in particular which claims that so long as it’s a plant, it won’t cause addiction. This argument is mainly supported when it comes to marijuana, psilocybin and other plant-based drugs and, as you might expect, it is entirely false. At Lakehouse Recovery Center we deal with plant-based addictions more than you would even dream of.

All programs of drug rehab in Ventura County stand proof that plants can and will trigger the addictive behavior and two names should be enough to illustrate that point: cocaine and heroin. Cocaine comes from Erythroxylum Coca, a plant mostly found in Sought America and which native Americans had been chewing on for millennia. Sure, the actual drug is obtained through chemical enhancement, since coca leaves only have about 1% of the drug, but its origins are plant-based nonetheless.

We have a similar story with heroin, which originates from the poppy plant, which is cultivated mainly in Asia, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Laos, to name the wealthiest locations. The same goes for marijuana, which has been linked to causing drug use disorders and triggers an addictive behavior in the more severe cases.

A dose away from death

Another extremely dangerous misconception is that nothing bad can happen if you only do drugs once, to see what it’s like. People who once believed that are now crowding the programs of drug rehab in Ventura County. In reality, safe doses don’t exist. Especially when talking about heavy narcotics like crack cocaine, all you need is one dose, and you might already be going downhill from there.

As stated by the Center for Substance Abuse Research, you undoubtedly can become addicted to crack cocaine after one use. Going even further than that, statistics show that, in severe cases, the user may experience overdose on his first crack dose and will even risk sudden death due to heart failure.

In truth, you are one dose away from death, regardless whether it’s your first or your tenth. The more you go down the rabbit hole, the higher the risk of death, along with severe health hazards along the way. And death is only the worst the situation can get. But the road to hell is sprinkled with a wide range of other problems.

Being born again

The effects of drugs go beyond the realm of the physicality. Other aspects are also worth taking into consideration, mainly:

  • Significant behavioral changes, including irritability, aggression, paranoia or apathy
  • Emotional instability, leading to anxiety and depression
  • The incapacity to remain functional at work and in the society
  • Becoming more distant and losing contact with the family and friends
  • Causing legal problems because of the inability to reason correctly

This is why the programs of drug rehab in Ventura County, like those at Lakehouse Recovery Center, are mostly the only way of overcoming addiction and start life all over again. Drugs are incompatible with a healthy, happy lifestyle, just as poisons are incompatible with a healthy diet.

Drug Rehab Ventura County
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