Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks

Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks

Drugs are dangerous for some reasons, but there is one aspect that easily takes the outweighs everything else – fascination. The fascination with drugs can sometimes reach mystical proportions, and it is one of the leading factors that have caused the war on drugs to be of little effect to this day. It is this fascination that we try to break down here, at Lakehouse Recovery Center.

The many programs of drug rehab in Thousand Oaks are all built on informing the patient on the dangers of drugs, as well as on developing coping mechanisms to make sure the patient stays clean once completing the treatment. These lie at the foundation of any stable, effective rehabilitation process and it has to be that way. There are over 7 million Americans who have drug abuse problems and whose lives slowly degrade as we speak and many of them are the victims of an early fascination with these substances, combined with a lack of education on the subject.

Several myths keep circulating with regards to drug use and which massively contribute to the problem.

The most important ones are:

1. “Nothing bad will happen if I’ll try it just ”

This is probably the most common myth, kept alive by people who have little knowledge of how drugs function. Illicit opioids and psychoactive drugs like crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and others, can trigger the addictive behavior with the first use. Even more, some can cause sudden death due to respiratory failure or heart problems. Not to mention that people can risk overdosing at their first try, especially if they have no idea how much is too much.

2. “I can control myself; I won’t become an addict.”

This is what most people participating in drug rehab in Thousand Oaks have said to themselves at first. The problem with addiction is that, once it has grabbed hold of you, whether you like it or not, you will do drugs. Otherwise, the withdrawal will begin to manifest with symptoms that can become incredibly severe and can last up to several months.

3. “You can’t get addicted to prescription opioids.”

That pretty much works the other way around. Most people get addicted to prescription painkillers than on any other type of illicit drug. And it all happens precisely because of this myth.

4. “My organism is young and resilient; I won’t become addicted.”

Another creed, another lie. As statistics show, younger people are at higher risk of developing a drug use disorder, primarily because they tend to abuse drugs more than older individuals.

5. “I will only be hurting myself in the process.”

False. Your actions will hurt those around you as well, in some cases more than they will hurt you. Your loved ones will also take a massive emotional hit you might want to acknowledge for.

Lakehouse Recovery Center has programs of drug rehab in Thousand Oaks designed to break these myths and highlight the true face of drug use, one which involves suffering and death. Educate yourself and stay clean!

Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks
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