Drug Rehab California

Drug Rehab California

We all make wrong choices when we are young and inexperienced; it is part of life and it is how we, humans, function. However, we must make sure we don’t make too many mistakes or too serious because we just might have to pay a bigger price for them. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we know all too much about how wrong choices can end up costing people’s lives.

Every drug rehab in California is just another gathering place for people who have made the type of choices that threw them into a life-or-death situation. You can’t be playing with drugs and not have to pay the consequences as a result. Opioids are particularly dangerous, because of their intrinsic nature which tends to overcome the brain’s protective mechanisms.

Our brains have naturally evolved to avoid harmful substances, which sometimes deliver life-threatening effects. For instance, our brain recognizes most poisons and toxic substances by bitterness, because, in nature, most bitter substances are either spoiled or toxic to the human body. As a result, it will react by instilling a sensation of nausea, sometimes leading to vomiting, even when we take bitter medication, meant to help us.

Our brains still function on a primitive level and will use our senses to determine whether a substance is suitable for consumption or not. Opioids have managed to bypass this security threshold by avoiding the brain’s security mechanisms entirely. Instead, the active agents in the substance will go straight to the opioid receptors in the brain and will cause it to release vast amounts of dopamine. The brain will then see a correlation between drug use and the sensation of pleasure and euphoria coming as a result of dopamine, at which point it will trigger the addictive behavior.

And this is the main mechanism that every drug rehab in California is fighting to counter.

Drug rehabilitation is the process of avoiding death

With narcotic abuse, death is inevitable. It is no longer a matter of “if,” but one of “when” as all drug addicts are on the death train. The only aspects that differ are how and when death will strike. As shown by the National Center for Health Statistics, there have been close to 65,000 deaths attributed to drug overdosing in the US alone in 2016. Over 20,000 of them were related to opioids.

Furthermore, the numbers seem to increase with each year, showing that we are actually against an epidemic of global proportions and one that will not go down easily. The US has spent close to $1 trillion since the 1970s on the war on drugs and this sum increases by roughly $80 billion each year.

There is no question about it – treating drug addiction is a matter of saving people’s lives, and the drug rehab in California is among the most effective ways of getting positive results. We, at Lakehouse Recovery Center, use knowledge and passion, two of the best tools for increasing the efficiency of the rehab programs. People deserve the best services because the rehabilitation treatment might be their only way of reclaiming their life back.

Drug Rehab California
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