Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) has published a report showing that more than 7 million Americans were struggling with a drug use disorder in 2014 and the numbers don’t seem to decrease as time passes. But why do people consume drugs if they know they are so dangerous to start with? This is a question we, at Lakehouse Recovery Center, consider of paramount importance because answering it could set the stage for lowering the numbers of victims caused by drug abuse.

The first thing every drug rehab program does is to analyze the underlying causes that have led to drug abuse. More often than not, these include:

– Teenagers looking for a way out of the mundane – We have all been there, and we know what it’s like. Teenagers tend to engage in risky behaviors that are considered taboo because breaking the rules is exciting and exhilarating. Many teenagers tend to resort to drug use either because they are curious, or due to peer pressure, when part of social groups where drug use is common.

– In an effort of dealing with mental disorders – Many people tend to resort to self-treatments, unknowingly causing more harm than good.

– Trying to self-treat anxiety, depression, or other mental problems with illicit drugs or by abusing prescription opioids is what gets people into trouble in the first place.

– As means of escaping the daily stress – Most of us have to deal with stress at work or in our private lives. Using drugs to overcome it is the worst idea you can come up with. One which many people think of in brighter colors, unfortunately.

– For recreative purposes – Taking opioids for recreative purposes makes for one way ticket to a drug rehab facility, because that is when addiction is the most likely to occur. And once it does, there is little the patient can achieve on his own.

Only after the causes leading to drug abuse have been broken down will the rehabilitation treatment be able to address the situation with a maximum effect.

Sobriety – The beginning of a new life

Abusing narcotics is one sure way to complete destruction. With minimal exceptions, it is a bad idea to use narcotics and psychostimulants to treat anything, starting with boredom and stress and ending with chronic pain or mental disorders. These substances will get a grip on your brain so fast and so definitive that you won’t be able to extract yourself from it no matter what you do.

Everything will become a downward spiral from that point on. The brain will start craving for regular doses, and your mental health will begin to deteriorate to the point where you will become unrecognizable to those around you. At this point, all you can do is sign in with a drug rehab program, and do your best to turn things around.

Lakehouse Recovery Center has an extensive set of rehabilitation programs, tailored to each individual’s needs, and they all function based on the premise that everyone deserves to be happy and that drugs are not a way of promoting it.

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