Drug Detox Treatment

Drug Detox Overview


Drug detox is a short process prior to therapeutic treatment that gradually weans a person off of the substance, which his or her body has become addicted to and reliant upon.  Depending on the particular substance, it may be necessary to support the body’s detoxification through a number different remedies and techniques, including medical administration of drugs.

For instance, in instances of Heroin detox or other opioid abuse, it’s common to use careful, monitored amounts in order to help the body detox in a gradual, safe manner.

Do You Need Medical Detox?

As countless studies and our own extensive experience have shown, when a person begins treatment with a medical detox program, it greatly increases the likelihood to achieve and sustain sobriety.  While this has been somewhat common practice for a number of years, it was also true that sometimes people would avoid treatment, because of their overwhelming fear of going through the detox process.

This anxiety and fear was predominantly based on past accounts of traumatic experiences, from a much earlier time in treatment when people would fully experience negative withdrawal symptoms, without much assistance.  It’s important therefore to recognize that these kinds of extreme negative experiences are largely old woes based on outdated processes.

Since then, significant advancements in addiction medicine and treatment have been made and today, our drug detox treatment programs at the Lakehouse Recovery Center draws upon multiple cutting-edge techniques and modalities that greatly mitigate the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

In this sense, we strongly believe that our medical detox treatment programs provide an open door to recovery for those who may have previously not embarked upon this life-changing journey, while also making it possible for people to experience a comfortable, safe, and effective medical  detox experience.

Lakehouse Recovery Center Drug Detox Treatment

Drug Detox Treatment and Medical Detox Options | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comAt the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we strongly believe that our drug detox programs set the foundation for successful and lasting recovery from abuse and addiction.  Our programs are designed as a first step of addiction treatment, and provide support, guidance, and care, as people go through the detoxification process.

Drug detox treatment can vary greatly, depending on the individual and the substance, but commonly involves some combination of physical and psychological symptoms. In this sense, the goal of our detox and treatment program is to support people through this process so they feel comfortable, healthy, more clear-headed, and better able to fully and meaningfully engage in the therapeutic aspects of treatment.

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, each drug detox plan is designed according to the individual’s past history, usage patterns, symptoms, and personal goals.  Moreover, our  programs are also designed in conjunction with the person’s larger treatment program, so that all aspects of support and therapy work to help people easily transition from their current lives, into and through the detox process, and then into therapeutic treatment.  The Lakehouse Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center, located in Westlake Village of beautiful Los Angeles County.