Issues of Drug Addiction

Consequences of Addiction

A Cunning and Baffling Disease

There are predictable consequences associated with drug addiction. Unfortunately, those consequences are rarely enough of a motivator to cause the person suffering from addiction to seek addiction treatment.  “Normal” people would ask “why would he/she keep doing those things knowing full well that (insert horrible consequence here)?”  To the addict deeply entrenched in his/her full-blown addiction, the potential for consequences is of very little concern.  The single-minded focus is on using and consequences be damned.

Legal Consequences of Drug Addiction

–       Risky/illegal behaviors

–       DUI (driver license suspension and transportation difficulty)

–       Arrests (fines, probation, arrest records, jail sentences, community service)

Medical Consequences of Drug Addiction

–       Hormone imbalance

–       Fertility issues

–       Liver issues

–       Cancers

–       Gastrointestinal issues

–       Cardiovascular issues

–       Disease (HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis)

–       Lung disease

–       Periodontal issues

Family Consequences of Drug Addiction

–       Strained relationships

–       Loss of trust

–       Emotional / physical abuse

–       Financial insecurity

Personal Consequences of Drug Addiction

–       Loss of occupation

–       Loss of relationships

–       Loss of transportation

–       Loss of housing

–       Low self esteem/self worth

–       Self harm/suicide

Neurological Consequences of Drug Addiction

–       Depression

–       Anxiety

–       Memory loss

–       Aggression

–       Mood Swings

–       Paranoia

–       Bipolar (symptoms like or catalyst for)

–       Schizophrenia (symptoms like or catalyst for)