Suboxone Detox

Suboxone Detox Overview


At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing the safety and support people need, in order to achieve sobriety from substances once and for all, and gain freedom that will allow them to live happy, healthy lives.  We provide a wide array of drug and alcohol recovery programs, including Suboxone Detox as the first stage in a person’s suboxone treatment recovery plan.  At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we have years of experience of helping people to navigate the challenges and symptoms of suboxone detox, in order to experience the joy and freedom of sobriety in their lives.

Details On Detoxing From Suboxone:

Suboxone Detox | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Suboxone is a prescription medication often used in aiding people to recovery from opioid dependence.  However, while it can be effective in this capacity, it is also highly addictive and lead to instances of abuse.  When people are taking steps to end this addiction, there can be significant negative withdrawal symptoms, if people quit suddenly or “cold turkey.”  Some of the symptoms people may experience include things such as: headaches, stomach aches, nausea, muscle aches, vomiting, fever, sweating, indigestion, anxiety, depression, and strong cravings.  While these symptoms tend to be strongest during the first 72 hours of detox from suboxone, the likelihood of depression actually increases in the second week and symptoms can linger for a month.

Because of the combination of symptoms detox from suboxone can include, it’s important for people to have professional support and oversight, as they take this empowering first step toward sobriety.  During our suboxone detox treatment program, we provide people with full-service support they need to be successful with detox, including addressing and minimizing any physical discomfort they might be experiencing.  Especially because of the symptoms of depression, it’s important for people to have support in place to help them not only to fend off symptoms but to also have guidance and support, so they can process their thoughts and feelings, through this time.  This support is not only incredibly important to make sure people are safe, but to also ensure that they are successful in recovery and don’t relapse, because of challenges or cravings.  We find that the combination of services and support we provide to clients not only ensures they safely and successfully detox, but also supports them to feel energized and clear-headed, as they enter the therapeutic aspects of their suboxone treatment process.

Detox From Suboxone at The Lakehouse Recovery Center

The Lakehouse Recovery Center is a full-services drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, dedicated to providing people with a nurturing, supportive environment that allows them make incredible, life-changing steps into sober living.  At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we provide a number of different therapeutic services, including those that support people’s physical, mental, and emotional needs, as they undergo the suboxone detox therapy process.  Beyond just supporting people to detox safely and comfortably, we also work with people to help them address whatever unique needs and goals they might have, through this time.  The Lakehouse Recovery Center is located in beautiful Westlake Village, California, in Los Angeles County.