Cocaine Detox Treatment

In many instances of substance abuse, it’s common for a person entering recovery to experience withdrawal symptoms.  These symptoms can make a person extremely vulnerable to early relapse and discontinuation of the treatment process.  However, both our experience and extensive research shows that a person’s chances of successfully overcoming cocaine addiction vastly increase by first engaging in a cocaine detox treatment program and treatment.

Detox for cocaine can be a challenging time characterized by very strong symptoms, the most noticeable of which are often psychological.  One of the most prominent psychological symptoms of detox is referred to as “euphoric recall” in which a person is triggered by something which causes them to be transported to a vivid memory of a cocaine experience.  The trigger causes a person to become overcome by the sensation of using and the urge to do so, which can sometimes lead them to go to extreme lengths to get the cocaine and use again.

Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal & Detox

Some of the other symptoms people may experience when they detox from cocaine include:

  • Fatigue;
  • Change in appetite;
  • Feeling of hopelessness and being overwhelmed;
  • Body aches;
  • Insomnia;
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety;
  • Cold-like symptoms such as shivering, nausea, headaches, joint aches, body weakness and fatigue;
  • Feelings of anger and guilt.

It’s common for symptoms to last somewhere between three to seven days, depending on the individual.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center Cocaine Detox Program

Cocaine detox Treatment - What Happens When You Detox Cocaine - Lakehouse Recovery CenterAt the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we provide a full-service cocaine detox program, as the initial first step in a person’s cocaine addiction treatment.  Our detox process thoroughly supports a person’s physical and mental safety and well-being, as the body and brain withdraw from the substance.

During this time, we completely support each individual as the person navigates the temptations and urges to use.

Our cocaine detox treatment is here  to specifically support men and women through any symptoms of euphoric recall and help to lessen the power thereof, so they can be successful in resisting these urges.

In order to provide people with this support, we implement a combination of services that help to ease the mind, alleviate physical symptoms, provide people with resources to cope with stress, and help keep people engaged with their treatment process and goals.

How Are We Different?

We design our detox treatment for cocaine according to each individual’s specific symptoms, experiences, and larger treatment goals. We do this in order to thoroughly support a person’s process when they detox cocaine and venture into the therapeutic aspects of recovery.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center is a full-service treatment center located in beautiful Los Angeles County, in Westlake Village.  At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, our program involves therapeutic techniques that address a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health, throughout the detoxification process, and into treatment.

Our many years of experience in providing therapeutic care and treatment allows us to recognize people’s unique needs and provide the resources and support necessary in order for people to successfully complete the  detox process. After, they can successfully and smoothly transition into the therapeutic treatment realm.  Because of this, we view this program as the doorway toward people making important changes that will allow them to move toward living their healthiest, brightest lives.