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Cocaine Addiction Overview

Cocaine Addiction Treatment | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Cocaine addiction is an extremely serious condition that causes people to lose power over their own lives and wreaks havoc on relationships, responsibilities, and peace of mind.  The gravity of Cocaine addiction is directly related to the extreme potency of the substance, which is a highly powerful and addictive illegal stimulant drug.  As with other stimulant drugs, cocaine produces its effect by acting directly on the brain, causing it to release large amounts of dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.  The drug’s high is produced by the way cocaine causes dopamine to build up in the brain, it produces an excess of these feelings of pleasure.  People who use cocaine are at high risk of developing cocaine addiction, as well as at risk of cocaine overdose.  This is why it’s so imperative for people to get professional help as early as possible for cocaine addiction treatment, in order to ensure their mental and physical safety, as well as the quality of their lives.  At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we provide full-service cocaine addiction treatment, in beautiful Westlake Village of Los Angeles, California.


Cocaine Addiction Treatment Details

One of the reasons cocaine addiction treatment is so important is because people who are struggling with Cocaine Abuse are at such high risk for addiction and/or overdose.  Cocaine is highly risky for a number of reasons.  First of all, because the high which cocaine produces is short-lived, people will often use it in succession, in order to prolong the high.  At the same time, because cocaine works directly on the central nervous system, the body will build up tolerance to the drug, requiring that people take increasing amounts of it, in order to feel the same effects.  Therefore as people continue to take increasing amounts and in repetition, in order to feel the desired high, they’re putting themselves at risk for dependency upon the substance, which results in addiction.  They’re also putting themselves at risk for overdose, as increasing amounts of cocaine build up in their systems.

Cocaine addiction causes a number of side effects which can be very problematic to people’s physical and mental well-being, as well as their ability to simply be present and enjoy their lives.  Because Cocaine is an extremely strong stimulant substance, it stimulates the entire body’s processes, thereby creating things such as increased heartbeat and blood pressure, restlessness, anxiety, constricted blood vessels, and tremors.  In extreme cases, these symptoms can lead to extreme consequences such as paranoia, depression, hallucinations, seizures, and cardiac arrest.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment at The Lakehouse Recovery Center

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we understand the many different challenges, fears, and hopes that people suffering from cocaine addiction experience, as well as the commonly experienced ups and downs of attempts at sobriety.  In order to meet the full range of these needs, we’ve designed a cocaine addiction treatment program that goes above and beyond just supporting people to achieve sobriety, but also provides them with the encouragement and support they need, to sustain the changes they make.  Located in beautiful Los Angeles County in Westlake Village, California, The Lakehouse Recovery Center’s cocaine addiction treatment provides a combination of therapeutic and medical services, which address people’s mental, physical, and emotional needs.  Our cocaine addiction treatment plans at The Lakehouse Recovery Center are designed in order to accommodate each person’s unique needs and goals, including supplementary programs such as exercise programs, meditation, nutritional support, and more.