Chemical Dependency Treatment

For those of whom are local to Southern California and specifically the Los Angeles area, seeing ads on the television for high-end chemical dependency treatment is nothing more than a standard daily occurrence.  From luxury, holistic and non-12-Step facilities to those with cutting-edge recovery technologies and advanced brain science procedures, we see and hear of nearly every possible approach.Chemical Dependency Treatment Center in Los Angeles - Lakehouse Recovery Center

These days there are even drug rehab centers claiming to have “The Cure.”

So what actually constitutes a more effective chemical dependency treatment center?

  • What makes one better that the other?
  • Is it the staff?
  • The physical location?
  • The program structure?

The truth of the matters is that it is a culmination of many components, and most licensed treatment professionals will tell you that there are those few facilities out there that embody a sense of magic and balance that is simply unquantifiable.

Here in Los Angeles, for instance, with so many offerings from San Diego to Malibu, it is no wonder how a family in need could be completely overwhelmed with options and potentially deceiving messages.

The Leading Chemical Dependency Treatment in Los Angeles

A few well known facts to consider prior to a entering a chemical dependency treatment center, should always include:

  • Learning about the areas of expertise they offer, such as addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues, co-occurring disorders, process addictions, etc.
  • Conducting your due diligence as to any potential complaints filed with the state oversight boards and/or submitted to the web
  • Finding out what level of ongoing support and recovery services are offered to the facility’s program graduates
  • Seeking a treatment center that offers a hybrid approach, entailing varied levels of recovery services in order to best customize treatment for the individual patient needs
  • Investigating pricing, affordability, etc.
  • Size is always a key factor, such as the reality that, often times smaller chemical dependency treatment environments are able to provide a higher level of personalized care
  • Licensing and accreditation is a key component since so many unlicensed sober livings and recovery homes are now claiming to offer bona fide drug rehab services

How Is The Lakehouse Different?

The truth of the matter is, that just as no two drug addicts and alcoholics are alike, so too is it that no two chemical dependency treatment centers are alike.

What ultimately sets one apart from the other is the overall level of dedication, which bleeds into all facets of services, from staff to program offerings to ongoing support and so on.  A wholly committed recovery center is one that will do whatever is necessary to help each and every patient recover on the basis of his or her own needs, be it clinical, emotional or physical.

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we approach chemical dependency treatment from a unique, fluid and highly effective perspective.

From in-depth assessment to advanced brain science to time tested approaches and so on, we boast something that is truly special, effective and reasonably priced as compared to other facilities in and around the Los Angeles, California region.

Whatever yours or your loved one’s situation may be, be assured that we remain a sound fixture as being among Southern California’s most dedicated treatment programs.