If You’re Feeling Cranky, You Might Want To Change Your Mood

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Change Your Mood 

When we were younger we could tell when we needed a nap or a snack. We get cranky, tired, emotional, and a little irrational. Not much changes in adulthood, especially when you’re in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Noticing the signs which beg us to take care of ourselves is important so that we can take care of ourselves. You learn to recognize when things get a little off center and need an adjustment– like a nap. Hungry, angry, lonely, and tired, are the four key triggers for a crummy mood when you’re in recovery. Sometimes, it’s all of the above or none of the above. Days exist where you just wake up on the wrong side of everything and have to fight to get back to normal.

Its Ok to Be in a Bad Mood

Fear not- being in a bad mood is okay. Recovery teachers you to feel your feelings authentically, with full embrace. If you’re going to be cranky, be cranky! However, staying in a bad mood for too long can cause some problems. Negativity is intoxicating. In fact, the brain actually pays more attention to negativity than positivity.

A brain which has been rewired due to drugs and alcohol loves to feed on negativity and bad moods. Due to many years of memory building, creating associations between feeling bad (or feeling anything) and needing to use drugs and alcohol has left the brain fragile. Too much crankiness could be just the gray area your brain needs to make you think that using drugs and alcohol is about to be a really great idea. Before you turn back the dial and head toward old behaviors, try some of these tips to turn that frown upside down and let the sun shine in.

Put Your Body In Motion

  • Goodness knows your mind is moving fast enough. Instead of letting your mind run wild, let your body move. Take a walk, go for a run, dance like nobody’s watching. The physical exercise will help you channel your energy.

Start Up Your Super Sleuth Engines

  •  Rarely is it the case that a cranky mood is just cranky. It’s true sometimes all you need is a good snack, but oftentimes, there’s more beneath the surface. If you’re clinging onto a cranky mood you might be avoiding taking a look at what’s really bothering you, aside from the whole world and everything in it.

Double Check Your Stress

  •  You have a lot going on. In the process, you’ve lost your sense of being #grateful which helps you discern the serious stress from the not so serious stress. Pick and choose your battles, then take your mood back!

We’ve got a secret- recovery can be fun. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’re equipping patients with the skills they need to thrive in recovery and have fun without drugs and alcohol. Call us today for information on our residential treatment programs at  877.762.3707.



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