You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Get Sober

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Get Sober Before You Hit Rock Bottom

There is an understanding among recovering addicts that you need to hit rock bottom in order to finally say that you’re going to change your life and get sober. It’s common to attend 12-step meetings or recovery support groups and get asked the question, “So, what was your rock bottom?”  Perhaps it’s a question to create a connection with someone else or perhaps it’s a way to get to know more about someone with whom you share the struggle of addiction.

However, the truth is that you don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to get sober.

Rock bottom could be described as a state of being in which you feel you cannot sink any lower emotionally, psychologically, or physically. You might see it as the lowest of the low. For instance, perhaps you were a businessman with a regular income, a home, and a family.

An unexpected car accident that caused significant physical injury started you on the use of pain medication prescribed by your doctor. Suddenly, you realize you are taking more of the medication than you really need and you’re enjoying the relief of physical pain along with the relief of anxiety and emotional pain.

Soon, the amount of pills you’re taking is greater than what you’re doctor can prescribe and you’re becoming more and more addicted. One day you discover that you can get the same high you get from painkillers by taking heroin, which has the same active ingredient – they’re both opiates. It’s not long before you’re doing heroin on a regular basis, and life around you is beginning to fall apart.

You’re losing your job, marriage, and your kids are growing up and moving out. Rock bottom is a lonely and scary place to be.

Getting Help Before It Gets Worse

But rock bottom doesn’t have to be the place you get to before you seek help. It doesn’t have to be the event that finally causes you to call someone you trust. Instead, many people say that they decided to get help when they felt ready.

They were simply ready to seek out help. Now, for some, it’s true that they feel ready because they’ve hit rock bottom perhaps once or even 10 times. While for others, rock bottom wasn’t their destination and they weren’t even close to getting there. Instead, they realized that they were on the path of destruction and stopped themselves before it got ugly.

It’s true that there are factors of the illness of addiction that can prevent someone from making a decision to get help early in the addiction. For instance, one sign of addiction is that having another drink or another high becomes more important than food. In other words, the substance you crave gets so strong that you’re willing to do anything for it.

And this is precisely what can keep someone from changing their life even though they might know they need to get help.

Nonetheless, there are many men and women who are able to break through this illusion of addiction and seek out help anyway. They don’t hit rock bottom. Instead, they might reach a low point but it’s enough to inspire them to turn their life around.

If you or someone you know is struggling with excessive substance use or an addiction, contact a mental health professional or an addiction treatment center for help.


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