You Budget More Than Your Money

One of the things you will learn in sobriety is the true depth of life.  Once you move passed the preoccupation with drugs and alcohol you will start to find yourself actually caring about all aspects of your life.  When people talk about budgeting they typically are talking about financial budgeting.  Sticking to a budget can make your money go a further and can help eliminate the stresses that financial issues can bring.  Taking the principles learned from budgeting and applying them to other aspects of your life can help you to achieve more fulfillment in your life.


The most important thing you can learn how to budget is your time.  Your time is the most valuable resource you possess and it is completely non-renewable.  Learning how to effectively manage your time is a skill that will benefit every aspect of your life.  

When you learn to manage your time you will become more efficient professionally, your relationships will grow stronger, you will have less stress, and you filling your calendar with healthy activities is a great way to lower your chances of a relapse.  Boredom can be a difficult trigger to overcome, make sure when budgeting your time you are intentional in scheduling your entire day and keep “free time” limited early in your recovery.


In treatment, you will learn how to accept the things in life that you are unable to change.  This skill will help you to budget your energy.  By not wasting your energy attempting to change things that are out of your control you will be able to give more attention to the aspects of your life that you can have an effect on.  Learning how to efficiently exert your energy will allow you to accomplish the healthy goals you once found yourself too tired for.


Learning how to manage your expectations can be a vital tool in your recovery.  Life will have ups and downs but if you can learn how to change the expectations you have you will be able to better manage the stresses that life may throw at you.  Unattainable expectations can lead to unnecessary stress and disappointment.  Through your recovery, you will learn to accept more and expect less.  Managing your expectations will help you to not get as stressed out when life has its downturns.





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