I Wonder What That New *Insert Flavor* Vodka Tastes Like

Does it matter? It tastes like vodka, just like the rest of them. Strawberry smoothie vodka tastes like vodka, with fake strawberries and milk. S’mores vodka tastes like someone loved summer camp a little too much and tried to recreate the chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker pastime with too much time on their hands. Whatever the new creation of vodka, it tastes like what flavor it’s supposed to, except worse, because it tastes like vodka.

No matter what your drug of choice is or was, it will always be there. Just because you quit using or drinking doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere. Don’t let the fear of missing out take you down. When you have a little time, you can ask a newcomer what it was like. In fact, you won’t have to ask. One look into the eyes of desperation, and you’ll know that one sip/hit/line/pill/fix just isn’t worth the road of hell it will take you down.

The same goes for other substances you may have never tried. Just because you’re an alcoholic, doesn’t mean you won’t like meth a little too much if it came your way. If heroin is your drug of choice, beware of telling yourself that the new winter ale is okay, because it’s not heroin. The key to recovery, is that you only have to not use or drink TODAY. That’s it, no more and no less. Each day could bring a new shiny invention in alcohol or drug use. Each day brings you the same challenge regardless: Do I drink or use today? Even with years of sobriety under your belt, occasionally you will find a peak of curiosity- what does that vodka taste like? These reactions are normal, because the brain is chemically wired to find pleasure in drugs and alcohol. Recovery reprograms the programming of addiction, which allows you to do things like play the tape through. You learn in recovery that no drink is innocent, especially the first. After that first drink- what happens? You can probably take a guess, realizing that your most ideal situations- like things not getting out of control- are more ideal than realistic. As quickly as the thought came to you, it leaves. Drinking will never be worth it again- as long as your recovery is more worth drinking and using.



If you are having a hard time getting or staying sober, you’ve come to the right place. Instead of worrying about what you might miss out on while drinking or using, think about what you might miss out on if you don’t quit? Life is short, and the older you get, the shorter it becomes. We can get you sober, but more importantly, we can show you how live. And by live, we mean really live. From hiking and kayaking, to taking the boat out and doing yoga, we have fun in recovery and you will, too. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and that is what we do here. The Lakehouse Recovery Center will help you begin your recovery, but you have to call. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. Don’t wait, your life depends on it, and you can begin living, today.


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