Willpower: A False Scapegoat for Addiction

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If the disease of addiction had anything to do with willpower, it wouldn’t be a disease. The bottom line is that you cannot will away something that is biologically rooted. Willpower can actually hinder an addict or alcoholic’s ability to change because it focuses on the problem rather than the solution. You can however, become willing to change. The willingness to change focuses on choosing to live in the solution and make choices that support life in recovery.

Willing ourselves to stay sober day in and day out is exhausting and isn’t sustainable. Once we accept the fact that what we have is a disease, we let go of the struggle to convince ourselves that we are normal. When we realize that we cannot drink or use like other people, we can accept responsibility for our lives and our choices. We can choose not to pick up that first drink or drug, and that choice is one we have to make every single day.

Treatment for addiction shows us how to combine the support from friends and family, therapy, and peer support groups to enhance the way we approach our recovery. We learn that we cannot do this alone, nor can our willpower carry us through each day of sobriety. When we focus on healing our mind, body, and soul, we are much better prepared for living a full life in recovery. Willingness to change can work wonders as opposed to being forced or even self-enforced into sobriety. If you truly want to change and are willing to do so, the world is at your feet.

If you are struggling with addiction right now, it is not up to your willpower to get well. You don’t ever have to feel this way again, but you do have to want to get well and you have to become willing to do the work to get sober. The first step to do so, is to give us a call. It might be easier said than done, but if you want your life to change, now is your opportunity. Recovery is possible, and your journey can begin today.





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