Will Life Be Perfect After Treatment?

Life After Treatment

For many addicts the thought of a life apart from their addiction seems drab and boring.  Not many who are addicted to a substance continue to use it because it gives them bad experiences; at least in the beginning.  So what’s the incentive to getting treatment?  Why is life better in recovery?  

What has happened for many addicts is comparative to Stockholm Syndrome.   Despite the negative side effects that an addiction has on a person’s life, many have no desire to leave it. They have grown somewhat fond of their addictions and the lifestyle they offer.  There is little incentive to go through the difficulty of breaking away.

 Addiction does more than trudge on thinking.  Addiction can actually alter the structure of the brain impeding a person’s ability to consider negative consequences.  This is the ultimate form of control.  Addiction is powerful and can blind people to any other way of living.  Below are some things people realized after treatment that they did not realize before getting help.

First, You Regain Control of Your Own Life

  You don’t realize the freedom of controlling your own life until you break free from the control of your addiction.  Finally, you no longer have to make decisions based on what your body’s chemical needs tell you to do.  Now you can begin to pursue dreams you thought were unattainable.  You can go to places you never thought you would go.  You realize there are possibilities you never had access to before.  

Second, You Become Self-Aware

 Many people realize they truly were blind before treatment.  After treatment they indicate feeling like a fog was lifted from their life.  Before treatment there was only one way of thinking, but afterward they could think for themselves and truly enjoy being free.  

Third, You Can Now Help Yourself and Others Reach Their Full Potential

  Without addiction, relationships with your family and children can be better.  It is tough to help others prior to treatment because you have not yet experienced how to grow into your full potential yourself.  Being free from the control of addiction will allow you to more time to spend with the people you love, and help them grow in a healthy way.

Life will always have some measure of trouble as it goes on.  Instead of just coping with it through substance treatment will help you face it and thrive through it.  As you thrive you will grow and will begin to unlock your full potential.  You will discover things long hidden inside that were never obtainable as a slave to addiction.   


Lakehouse Recovery Center offers residential treatment and a 12 month aftercare program, bringing each client through their first year of recovery. For information on our programs for healing mind, body, and spirit, call us today:  877.762.3707


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