Will I Be Able to Visit My Loved One When They’re in Treatment?

All Members Of the Family Need to Heal

Families play a huge role in addiction as do the friends, supporters, and partners of those who are seeking treatment. Addiction is often called a family disease because everyone in an addict’s life is affected by the addiction. Addiction isn’t something that just happens to someone. Of course, the addiction is happening within the person who is addicted. However, the person they become, the way they treat other people, the way their life changes- all of that affects others.

Everyone is affected by addiction. When a loved one with addiction finally decides to go to treatment, they aren’t the only ones who are going to heal. All members of that person’s life is getting an opportunity to heal. Everyone has an opportunity to change.

Family Therapy

Most residential treatment programs include regular family therapy sessions and family programming. Family therapy might happen just once through the course of treatment or multiple times. After your loved one has established a relationship with their personal therapist and discussed family dynamics, the therapist might invite regular family therapy sessions.

Understand that the therapist is always going to act in the best interest of their client, which might include some difficult challenges for the family. What the family wants might not be what is currently best for what the client therapeutically needs and often that can create conflict.

In the best of situations, families are willing to comply with whatever is suggested to them. All family members are suggested to attend family programming, which typically takes place over a weekend or during a week. At family programming sessions, there are family group therapy sessions, private family therapy sessions, interactive learning about addiction and recovery, and shared experiences. Full days of programming ensure spending healing time together and finding solutions for living sober in the future.

Outside of family therapy and family programming, there are often regular visiting hours. Each  night and in may afternoons there will be time to visit or make phone calls to talk to your loved one. A few days a week there are family visiting hours where, if you are local, you can come spend time at the facility with your loved one.

Though anything you bring them will have to be checked by a staff member, you can bring tokens of love from home, extra clothes, journals, or anything else you want to support your loved one with.

Your participation in your loved one’s treatment extends beyond getting to visit with them. As a loved one, family member, partner, or friend, your support and encouragement are vital lifelines for someone in treatment.


We see the family heal every day. That is because when it comes to the problem of addiction, there is a solution. Lakehouse Recovery Center has found a program that works, offering our clients healing of mind, body, and spirit, while teaching them how to thrive fully in recovery without drugs and alcohol. For information on our programs or to schedule a tour, call us today:  877.762.3707


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