What Will I Be Able To Do When I’m Sober?

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Sobriety is A Lifestyle

The real question is what won’t you be able to do when you’re sober? Answering that question is quite simple. If you choose the recovery lifestyle of abstinence as you would when attending the residential treatment program at Lakehouse Recovery Center, you wouldn’t be able to drink alcohol or consume drugs. You could, however, you will learn that you really shouldn’t and after staying sober in recovery long enough you will come to realize you wouldn’t, even if you wanted to.

Now, on the verge of making the call to find a treatment program to attend, you are questioning what the future will be like. Doubts, concerns, and fears might be coming up for you about staying sober forever. Forever is a vast amount of time with endless possibilities.

That is why in recovery, we choose to focus on life on life’s terms as it happens, one day at a time. Life simply can’t happen any more quickly than that. You will find the what can happen in a single day of your life sober will amaze you.

Drugs and alcohol hold you down and prevent you from fully living life to its utmost capacity. For a while, they might have been freeing. Typically in the end, they’re not. Instead, drugs and alcohol act like a prison, one you know you need to get out of, but might be afraid of leaving. This is the paradox of addiction. You are not alone.

Residential treatment programs help you heal mind, body, and spirit. Quickly you will come to find that sobriety and living a lifestyle of recovery is about more than just eliminating drugs and alcohol. It’s about learning how to think, act, behave, feel, express yourself, be yourself, have fun, make meaning, be of service, and live your life.

Anything is possible in recovery when you have healed from chemical dependency holistically. You’ll feel more than you thought you could feel, grow more than you knew was possible, and learn how capable you are beyond your wildest dreams.
Lakehouse Recovery Center brings together the best of recovery and non-recovery focused treatment to give clients the best possible treatment experience while showing them that having fun in recovery is possible. For information on our residential treatment programs and twelve month after care, call us today at (877) 762-3707.


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