Why Do Some People Have a Fear of Sobriety?

Some Can Fear Sobriety

The great unknown has always held an uneasy spot in so many of our hearts. When you are so accustomed to living a certain way, and then it is ripped away from you, it’s cause for a lot confusion and growth, all at once. As addicts and alcoholics, we may not seem fearful on the outside, but we are driven by fear.

We fear what we don’t know, which is sobriety, but we usually don’t fear the unknown in relation to our drinking and drug use. Most of us have no idea how we will act, what we will say or do, or even if we’ll live through the night when we’re loaded.  Ironically, we typically don’t fear that unknown, but what we do fear is getting sober.

It might sound a little ironic that we fear getting healthy, but we don’t fear driving drunk or getting a dose laced with too much fentanyl. What we do fear is boredom. How will we ever have fun again without drugs or alcohol? It seems impossible, and even that others are faking all the fun they seem to be having.

But really, how much fun are you really having in your addiction? Are you waking up every morning, wishing everyday could stay the same? Or, are you waking up feeling physically and emotionally bankrupt, just wishing for those days to end.

Sobriety Brings You a New Freedom

There’s nothing fun about the end stage of addiction. Those of us already in recovery wouldn’t go back to active addiction if we were paid. That’s how good sobriety is, and can be for you, too. The friends and fellowship you will come to know will support and love you. You won’t be judged by others for having your disease, and you will come to know a freedom you never thought existed.

If you are struggling with addiction, let us ease your fears about getting sober. It really isn’t as frightening as it is cooked up in our minds. We want to help you take the first steps to a new life. Give us a call, recovery is possible, and your journey can begin today.




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