Why Addiction Creates Compulsory Behavior

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Addiction Is an Illness

Addiction is now considered to be an illness that affects the functioning of the brain. In the past, addiction was seen as a problem having to do with the person. Or it was seen as an indication that a person needed to turn to God. However, addiction has nothing to do with religion nor does it mean that a person is flawed.

Instead, research on the brain indicates that addiction affects the brain in ways that makes a person believe they need the substance (drug or alcohol) to survive. And in this way, an addiction might compel someone to use drugs or alcohol even when they don’t want to.

When a person has lost control over their substance use, they will likely have compulsory behavior. And this is a prime indicator that a person has an addiction.

A compulsion is an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against your own conscious wishes. An alcohol or drug addiction, for example, could be defined by a loss of control where you find yourself spending large amounts of time engaging in alcohol-related or drug-related activity to the point where you are neglecting social, academic, or familial responsibilities.

You’re not only drinking or using drugs but you’re thinking about drinking or using. You’re planning your day so that you can drink or use more drugs. You’re planning your financial life so that you can be sure to have enough money to buy alcohol or drugs throughout the month.

Indications of an Depression

No one sets out to develop an addiction. Instead, it always begins innocently. For example, a person might be drinking occasionally. Then it might become more regularly. And soon, a person might be drinking every night of the week. However, even then a person may not yet have an addiction. It is when a person has the following symptoms that indicate the presence of addiction:

Q          Your quantity of substance use has increased.

U          You are unable to control your substance use.

I           Your substance use interferes with your responsibilities.

T          Your time is heavily devoted to using the substance, including fantasizing about it.

N         You need more of the drug to obtain the same effect. This is known as tolerance.

O          Other aspects of your life have been damaged by substance use, such as your health, social life, financial situation. Yet, you continue to use.

W        Physical withdrawal symptoms occur if you stop using the substance and you may take the substance to try to manage your symptoms.

The second one in this list is the most indicative of addiction. When a person is not able to control their drinking or drug use, as described above, then there is likely a problem.

If you or someone you know is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, it’s important to contact a mental health provider. Addiction can get worse over time. If a person never gets help, there may be some severe physical and/or psychological consequences. To avoid any major health concerns, reach out for help today.



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