Where to Find Strength When You Feel Weakened by Recovery

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Recovery is not an easy experience. You’re challenging yourself, on many levels, especially in the beginning to live without a substance(s) that you’ve been addicted to for a period of time. If you’ve gotten used to relying on alcohol to take the pain away, now you’re trying to unlearn that. Because of the challenges that recovery brings, you might feel weighed down, weak, or tired. You might feel overwhelmed by the triggers and cravings at first.

However, there are ways to find strength and feel stronger in your sobriety. If you’re willing to open up to others, change your perspective, and get support, you can find the strength you need to move forward. It’s easy to give in to a craving. It’s takes strength to resist it.

Because of the strength, courage, and commitment recovery takes, here are some ways to feel stronger in your sobriety:

  1. Acknowledge your achievements. It can be easy to forget past successes when you’re faced with a challenge in the moment. However, past successes are a great way of remembering what you’re good at and what you can achieve. It’s a great way to experience a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. In fact, you can write down all the achievements you’ve had in your life, and doing so, can be a resource for you in the future. At other times when you feel weighed down by the pressures of recovery, you’ll always have a list of what you’ve accomplished.
  2. Get feedback from long-time friends or family. Another way to feel stronger is to talk to those who have known you for awhile. Let them describe how you’ve faced other challenges in the past and succeeded. Let them explain how you overcame obstacles because of certain skills and traits you possess. Invite them to accurately describe circumstances and not embellish anything as a means to help you feel better. Hearing a truthful description of your traits and skills, you’re likely to feel confident and strong.
  3. Find the silver lining in the situation. If you’re recovering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, there may be many thoughts and feelings you’re having. You might feel guilt, shame, anger, frustration, loss, or disappointment in yourself. You may have some negative thoughts about your life. Yet, there is always a silver lining to be found in all situations. For instance, perhaps sobriety is keeping you alive. Perhaps sobriety allows you to see your family, return to your career, save your marriage, or fix your financial problems. What’s the positive to this situation? Seeing that can help create motivation and inspiration to keep going despite the challenges you’re facing.
  4. Don’t make comparisons. It’s easy to compare yourself to others. It’s a common habit that most people do, especially when they’re feeling bad about themselves. However, if you take stock on your own life and where you are, you might feel grateful about the fact that you are getting sober. You might feel excited about the possibility to create a new future. Although there are others who are in different life situations, they are no better or worse than you. When you can avoid making comparisons, that too can create a sense of strength and confidence about where you are in your life.

Because recovery requires commitment and dedication, it’s important to feel strong, and sometimes, we need to build up our strength to carry on. The suggestions above can help you find your strength in recovery.


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