What’s The Point Of Doing Drugs?

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Underlying Reasons People Turn To Drug Addiction

Everyone has their “reason” behind doing drugs. Once we become addicted to drugs and alcohol, it isn’t an easy question to answer. “Why do you do this?’ we are often asked, in many different ways.

The answers are endless. We can’t stop. We don’t know that we could cope with the world without drugs. We don’t want to feel pain. We don’t know who we are without drugs and alcohol. We couldn’t make it through the symptoms of withdrawal. We thought we were doing the right thing. The list goes on and on. In recovery there is a simple philosophy. We use drugs and alcohol because we like the effects produced by them.

Whatever the underlying reason for our drug and alcohol use plus whatever the benefit we get by continuing to use substances, it equals an ongoing addiction which has no “reason” to stop. A general rule of thumb in therapy is recognizing that even when a behavior we choose to act on over and over is harmful, even painful, we have to gain some sort of benefit from it by continuing to do it.

The truth is, drugs and alcohol provide us with some kind of payoff. What’s the point of doing drugs? There may not even be a “good” one by anyone else’s standard. Addiction and alcoholism are unique because the pathology which leads to them is highly unique to each individual.

Generalized Reasons We Do Drugs

  • We do drugs to feel good
  • We do drugs not to feel bad
  • We do drugs to feel bad, which feels good
  • We do drugs to get high
  • We do drugs to get down
  • We do drugs to revv up our energy engines
  • We do drugs to feel less energetic
  • We do drugs for the thrill, the risk, the rush
  • We do drugs to fit in
  • We do drugs to stand out
  • We do drugs because people in our family do drugs
  • We do drugs because people in our family don’t do drugs
  • We do drugs because we have nothing else to do
  • We do drugs because we have too much to do
  • We do drugs to be more ourselves
  • We do drugs to be less ourselves


You don’t have to answer to anyone about why you did drugs. Likely, you may not even remember or understand. Through treatment and therapy, you will examine the many layers of your drug addiction while learning how to make new choices for a recovery lifestyle. Lakehouse Recovery Center welcomes you to our residential treatment programs offering detox and inpatient services as well as a twelve month after care. Settled on the beautiful shore front of Lake Sherwood, our high end home offers all the comforts you need to get well. For more information, call  877.762.3707.


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