What The Research Says About Drug Treatment

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It might seem obvious that drug treatment would be advantageous to someone struggling with an addiction. But there are millions of people who are suffering who do not get help. Often, stigma and possible judgment from family and friends can get in the way of seeking addiction treatment. However, if people knew just how effective treatment can be, they might be more willing to put aside their concerns and get the help they need.

Achieving Sobriety

One study found that drug treatment is an effective means for achieving sobriety when certain factors were in place. The study found that for 300 individuals a residential drug treatment facility was an effective option for those in need of alcohol-free and drug-free housing. When individuals were involved in 12-step programs, had a strong network of support and were living in a drug free environment, they tended to reach sobriety with few or no relapses. The study made clear the importance of social and environmental factors in recovery. In the lives of participants of the study, improvements were seen in the areas of alcohol and drug use, number of arrests, psychiatric symptoms and employment.

This particular study can be revealing in that it demonstrates that if a person has certain factors in place, sobriety is highly predictable. If someone were feeling unsure about the effectiveness of drug treatment, this study might give them encouragement. Essentially, this research reveals that if someone were involved in 12-step programs and had a strong network of support and if he or she were living in a drug free environment, there’s a very good chance that that person would become sober. This is encouraging!

Recovery | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comThe research did stress, however, that those factors needed to be present in order for the predictability of sobriety to remain high. And this particular study also revealed these same results for those in the criminal justice system too! One setback this group of people experienced, however, was that they had a harder time finding and keeping work and had higher re-arrest rates.

Support System

Of course, drug treatment is effective for almost any kind of addiction. It’s clear that when someone has a strong system of support (therapist, psychiatrist, drug counselor, 12-step meetings, etc), he or she is more likely to achieve sobriety. This can be good news for someone contemplating treatment. Essentially, he or she simply needs to replicate having these certain factors in his or her life.

At the same time, if someone were not getting treatment because they were concerned about the judgment from family and friends, it’s important to know that many treatment centers uphold strict standards for maintaining one’s confidentiality. Many professionals in the addiction and recovery field know the stigma that comes with addiction. Furthermore, many treatment centers today aim for the overall well being of a recovering addict. This means that it’s not only drug addiction treatment they offer, but also experiences like meditation, yoga, horseback riding, journaling, and even family therapy, if someone were to choose to get their family involved.

Drug treatment is effective and it can facilitate your sobriety! If you’re even thinking about getting help, contact a mental health provider who can get you started on your path to recovery.


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