What Does “Newcomer” Mean?


Welcome, and congratulations, you have chosen to take the red pill.  Going forward you will live your life in a way that will let you experience everything that the world has to offer, both the good and the bad.  Gone are the days of dulling life through a substance-induced emotional ignorance.

 Over the next few weeks, you will learn things about yourself, and about life, that you were once oblivious to.  You will feel joy, pain, and a tremendous sense of pride as you learn to overcome your negative emotions in healthy, positive ways. As a newcomer to treatment, the possibilities for you and your recovery are endless.  A couple things you have to look forward to are:

You Are About to Experience the True Depth of Your Emotions

In the past, you have only experienced life through a filter created by drugs and alcohol.  This filter may have dulled the pain of your problems but it never did anything to address the cause of the pain.  The same filter also dulls how intensely you feel positive emotions.  

By allowing yourself to fully experience the depth of your emotions and addressing your problems the good times will far outweigh the bad.  You will be able to appreciate how great life’s pleasures can be when seen through clear glasses.  Remember rainy days make the sunshine seem brighter.

You Will Become a Problem Solver

By learning to face your problems and negative emotions you will quickly find yourself solving the problems that you once avoided. Learning the skills necessary to cope with life’s challenges can help you to be more empathetic and helpful towards the problems of others.  

You may not necessarily get a cape and be able to fly, but you will learn to become a hero and make an impact on someone else’s life.  It is a great feeling to know you were able to use your past mishaps to help someone avoid the struggles you might have experienced.  

You Never Have to Go Back

Your time in treatment will help you learn to appreciate how great the world can be in sobriety.  While relapse is something that you must guard against, you will learn the skills and be given all the tools you need to maintain your sobriety.  


The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers 30, 60, and 90 day programs to men and women seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. In addition to providing excellent clinical care, we offer both recovery and non-recovery activities. Our goal is to show clients how to have fun again, learning how to live in recovery without drugs and alcohol. For information, call us today: 877.762.3707



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