What Do Sober People Do?

For the newly sober, sobriety is new and unchartered territory. A lot of us think we will never have fun again (as if we were having a good time at the end of our addiction). These thoughts are fear-based and unfounded since we have no idea what we’re in for until we stay sober for awhile. One of the many great things about sobriety is that we actually do things, and we remember having done them. If you think getting sober means you are bound to a life of mini-golf and bowling, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how much more there is to life in recovery. The list is endless of what is possible in sobriety, so here are just a few examples:

  1. Get Fit – You’ve kicked the drugs and alcohol, why not feel and look even better? We like those feel-good endorphins and no better place to get them than at the gym. It’s also a place where you can meet new people who have a healthy mindset. Spin class, dancing, weightlifting, swimming, yoga—there are so many options, so find what you like and stick with it.
  2. Try Something New – You may have always wanted to go skydiving or rock climbing, or maybe snowboarding or scuba diving sound appealing. The world is a big place and sobriety is your ticket to try new things that you never would have in your addiction.
  3. Start Reading – Reading a book isn’t easy when you’re drunk or high, so give it a try with your clear head. It’s a great way to spend some alone time and unwind from a stressful day.
  4. See Your City – Go visit museums, landmarks, the library, and public gardens. You will be surprised at what you haven’t seen in your own city, until you try out being a tourist.
  5. Get Together – Hang out with your sober tribe. Plan dinners where everyone brings their own dish, go to the movies, go surfing or snowboarding, meet for coffee, and make a book club. Of course, there is always bowling and mini golf, but there is so much more to it. Enjoy the journey, you are in for a spectacular ride.




If you are struggling with addiction, call The Lakehouse Recovery Center. We can help you begin a new life in recovery. Sobriety is nothing to fear, and it is a lifestyle you will love. You can do this. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. Recovery is possible, and your life can change with a phone call. Do it now.


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